How Smoking Weed Bad can be Bad for You

Is Smoking Weed Bad for You?
It’s one thing to only occasional partake, and for most people, this is the case. However for others getting high can gradually become more and more of a fixture in their life. All the while the negative side effects of becoming more and more used to regularly smoking weed begin to show and begin to take their toll financially, socially, professionally, and physically. It can be tough to face yourself and realize that you may have a problem and need to make some major changes, in your life. Yet without being completely honest and taking a step back and considering what the actual effects of marijuana addiction might be having on your life, it can be hard to see how bad it may have really become.

Have you Gone From Casual to Daily Use?: When it comes to smoking weed, the level of addiction to marijuana and role that getting high plays in a persons life can vary widely. For most people, getting high isn’t a regular thing and the question of is smoking weed bad never becomes an issue. Yet for other people, this if not the case and the side effects of weed can often go unnoticed because of its seemingly benign effects. When you’re high, you feel happy and relaxed and it can be hard to see the big picture and take into account how much money, time, not to mention brain cells are being wasted by smoking weed.

Is Smoking Weed Really That Bad?
The only way that you will be able to know if smoking weed is bad for you is to be totally honest with yourself and take stock of how marijuana is affecting all areas of your life. Here are some questions that can help you along your way.

How Often Do You Smoke?: If you are smoking weed on a daily basis then for all intents and purposes you are most likely a pot head. Sorry to be blunt but this is the truth and lying to yourself will not allow you to truly examine your weed habit and its potentially negative consequences. There are many people who are able to juggle their daily life and responsibilities and still smoke weed. Yet most people who smoke every day may be affected more than they realize.

How Much Do You Spend on Weed?: If it’s just an occasional thing, then the cost isn’t really going to become a major expense. However, a daily weed habit can easily begin to cost you thousands of your hard-earned dollars. This is money that could be spent on education, paying bills and debt, taking a vacation or investing for your future.

The Physical Side Effects: When consumed in very light moderation than the physical side effects of smoking are negligible but when you smoke the amounts of weed that most regular pot heads smoke than the side effects on both your physical and mental health can begin to pile up.

Negative Stereotypes of Pot Smokers. While today, the vast majority of people have experimented with or smoked marijuana at some point in their life. In addition to the decriminalization and increasing number of states allowing medical marijuana, smoking weed or being a “pot head” can still sometimes carry a negative social stigma that may hurt you professionally.

Social Aspects of Smoking Weed. In my experience, people who are heavy smokers tend to mainly hang out with and have friends that are also into smoking pot. When you are in that type of social environment it can be hard to separate yourself and get away from people that may be less than supportive of your decision to quit smoking marijuana.

These questions are of course just an outline to help you begin to be able to see what role weed plays in your life and if smoking weed is bad and something you would like to change in your life.