How Much Money is Smoking Weed Really Costing you? It Could be Thousands!

For many people, when you first start smoking weed, you probably didn’t go  from being a nonsmoker to a heavy user overnight. It was a gradual process, maybe you first smoked with your friends at a party when you were a teenager and for a while, it was just something fun that you did with your friends. Everyone’s story is different but for many people, something that started out as a casual fun thing, before they realize it, getting high had become a central theme in their life.

How Much Money is Smoking Weed Truly Costing You?

Something can is easily and often overlooked is the actual cost of being addicted to smoking weed and getting high. The thing about weed is that, even if you’re a hardcore stoner, its costs can seem small and because they only gradually add up over time they can be hard to see. Once you actually take the time to look back over all the wasted days, months and even years then it can be really shocking how much money getting high is actually costing you!

The Cost of  Buying Weed itself
Back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon at all to smoke an eighth of good decent quality weed a week. At the time, (I have no idea what pot costs now) that would cost around $50 depending on its quality. So if I smoked $50 per week, that’s $200 per month and $2,400 per year! When you look at it like this it’s actually shocking. Who wouldn’t mind an extra $2,400 in their bank account each year? No one that I know! Just imagine, that’s a nice trip somewhere really cool, down payment on a nice car or heck, $2,400 will even get you a car! Sure it isn’t going to be a fancy one but you get the point. When you add it up, it’s actually a lot of money just being wasted!

Health Side Effects of Heavy Marijuana Smoking
Everything we do, good or bad has a consequence and smoking marijuana is no different. While getting high occasionally probably isn’t really going to affect your health much. When over time you smoke large amounts weed on a regular basis, it can start to takes its toll on your physical and psychological health. Whether it’s the potential for your lungs to be damaged from the smoke, health issues from overeating or eating poorly from getting the “munchies” or even potential mental side effects. Over time, if you habitually abused marijuana, all of these things can really start to cost you financially and otherwise.

Wasted Time from Being Stoned
They say that time is the most valuable resource that you have and it can be easy (especially when you’re high) to lose track of the time that is wasted and might have been better spent doing something more productive. While it may not seem like much, let’s just break this down in a hypothetical scenario. Let’s just say for example that you spend about two hours every day getting or being high and not doing anything productive. Now, just imagine that instead of getting stoned you spent it doing something more productive. Like working a part time job for example. If you say even got paid $10 an hour and worked the equivalent of 2 hours per day for 48 weeks out of the year, that would be almost $1,000 extra per year! Add that to the $2,400 you spend on just buying weed and it’s starting to add up!

Loss of productivity and mental sharpness
Let’s face it, if you’re like most people then when getting high, you’re probably not at your most productive and mentally sharp as you would be if you were sober. This can have all kinds of negative implications for your life. Whether it’s simply not being as efficient as you could be so simple things take longer, or being constantly disorganized and wasting time on stuff you should have already taken care of. To even more serious and long term impacts, like hurting your career and earning potential for years to come. When you’re constantly stoned, thinking about getting high or getting ready to get high. You’re probably not thinking about ways you can be learning new skills or working on bettering yourself. Instead, imagine what you could do if you took just part of the time that you now spend on weed and applied that to school or learning a new skill that would help you move up in your career and also make more money in the process.

Compound interest
If you’ve never heard of compound interest then don’t worry, you don’t need to be Warren Buffet or Albert Einstein to understand what it is. Although according to Einstein “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it”
Simply put, compound interest is, according to Wikipedia “interest on interest. It is the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest in the next period is then earned on the principal sum plus previously-accumulated interest.” Basically what this means is that if you take the money you save by not buying weed, instead invested it into a safe investment, kept investing the money that you keep saving by not buying weed and then reinvested any profits. The money that you made off of the money you invested would be the results of compound interest.

So how Much Money is not Quitting Smoking Weed Really Costing You?
Using the example above of the amount of money you might save by simply not smoking weed anymore and instead investing that. According to this calculator here. If you took the $200 you normally spend on buying marijuana, and the added $200 more each month and got a modest 5% return every year, after 10 years it would have grown to $30,000 years, after 20 years it would be almost $80,000 and after 30 years it would be a staggering $160,000! All this from just not getting high and wasting money on weed! So put down the bong, go put on your pinstripe suit with matching suspenders (you know you have one) log onto your laptop and start saving and investing your money today! It could literally be a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

In Conclusion

While the amount of money and time that you may spend on smoking weed and all of the other costs that go with it may be different. It can still be amazing how when you lay it out and crunch the numbers, what the amount of money and more importantly time you can easily waste on getting stoned. So use this article as inspiration to take a closer look at your life and see what your number is and how much money you could save if you decided to give up on being stoned and quit smoking weed for good.

What is your number? Share your thoughts, comments and how much money you could save below!


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