The Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms Begin-Day 2

The First Day of Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms

Last night was the first night that I didn’t smoke weed before going to bed and I wasn’t able to get a wink of sleep. I was prepared for this and luckily I was able to have a day where I didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere and could focus on just getting through the day. When I fist went to bed I thought I would at least try to get some sleep even if it wasn’t much but I wasn’t able to get any sleep at all. As far as marijuana withdraw symptoms go, not being able to sleep if one of the worst because it makes  just getting through the day extremely hard. After Tossing and turning for most of the night I finally just gave up on getting any sleep and tried to get some reading done for school but I was having a hard time getting  my mind to concentrate on anything and finally just gave up and watched a documentary instead. I was able to take a nap in the afternoon but woke up after a few hours and while I still felt groggy and pretty out of it. I was glad I didn’t sleep that long because I really want to be able to get to bed early tonight so I can start to get a normal sleeping routine back and get on a good schedule.

The Beginning of Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms

From what I have read everyone experiences different marijuana withdraw symptoms in varying degrees of severity. While they aren’t terrible, this is the first day that I have been experiencing any and I can definitely tell that I am not quite feeling normal. It feels like I am getting sick because I will be sweating one minute and the next it will be like I am freezing and need to put on more clothes but I know its just the marijuana withdraws symptoms that I am experiencing .

Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms I’m Experiencing

Aside from not being able to sleep here is a run down of all the withdraw symptoms that I have been felt today.

  • Sick to my stomach. I have had a hard time eating today and whenever I do it feels like I might be sick and through up. I have been trying to follow the detox plan that is included in the Quit Weed Guide but for today I am more worried about just getting through the rest of the day.
  • Brain fog. My brain feels heavy and very groggy which is probably at least in part due to the lack of sleep.
  • Racing thoughts. Maybe it is just my brain going through its THC detox band I am thinking about everything in my life in a clearer way but I have been trying to keep my thoughts positive and just focus on staying busy.
  • Lethargy. This is also probably because of not getting any sleep but I’ve been having trouble motivating my self to do anything productive.
  • Night Sweats. Last night and even when I took my nap I was sweating most of the time and when I woke up my shirt was drenched and I had to wash my sheets. This is to be expected but none the less I will be happy when I am over them.

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