How to Stop Smoking Weed- Weed Free For One week-Day 7

One Week Since I Quit Smoking Weed

Well it has been a whole week since I was finally able to quit smoking weed for good. I have to say it feels pretty damn nice to have been able to actually quit for good this time. There are still times when I think how nice it would be to toke up and just say screw it but after coming this far there is no way I will let all of the trouble I went through go to waste.

How I Quit Smoking Weed

I would be lying if I said that the past week has been easy or that there weren’t times when I was close to giving in but this time I stuck to my goal of being weed free and am very happy that I did. In the past I have quit before, sometimes just for a day and once I went almost a week without smoking only to give in, buy some weed and quickly go right back to getting high every day.

The Right Information Made All the Difference

I would have to say that the biggest difference between then and now is that this time I knew what I would have to go through, had a plan, and most important of all I had information. I found a great eBook and multimedia product about how to quit smoking weed. I have to say it has been an invaluable resource in helping me kick my habit and quit smoking the ganja for good. If you are like I was and struggled to stop smoking weed then I would recommend checking it out, because at least for myself it has been a huge help and I’m not sure if I would have been successful without it. To check it out for yourself just click here for the Quit Weed Guide and see for your self.

Moving On After Quitting Weed

One of the greatest benefits that I have experienced after I quit smoking weed is the mental clarity and lack of brain fog I used to get. Right before I quit I was smoking a few times a day everyday. It didn’t matter if I had school, a test to study for, work, or anything else. I was basically walking through life in a haze of smoke and I could notice a huge difference. Now after a week of being sober I can feel my brain coming back to life and it has been awesome. I can’t wait to keep getting sharper and have my memory return to what is was before. Its not like I switched a flip, its been more gradual than that but when I am studying or having a conversation it has been quite noticeable.  I have also been actively trying to exercise my brain by playing chess online. I also bought several brain training books with puzzles and challenges from amazon so I can train my brain and keep from getting bored at the same time. At least for me boredom has been one of the biggest challenges in quitting weed. Smoking marijuana unfortunately became what I used to do with my free time aside from school and work. Gradually it began to eat up more and more until it was my main hobby. The thing about smoking weed is that when your stoned, that’s basically all you do. It makes you lose interest in mentally challenging yourself and keeps you in a little box. Now that I have stopped smoking weed I’m trying to use my time to make myself better and smarter. It has been an adjustment but its getting better each day and I keep looking forward to the future because I know I will be facing it with a clear mind and will be able to deal with whatever problems I encounter with a sharp, focused, sober mind


How to Stop Smoking Weed-Day 6

Emotional Roller Coaster

Well today is the sixth day since I finally quit smoking weed and it has been an interesting and self revealing process thus far. I’m not sure why but it seems like the past day my thoughts have just been racing and I have definitely been noticing some sharp swings in my mood. I know that this is all just part of the normalization process that I have to go through as my body and mind get used to not smoking weed on a daily basis. I have just been trying to keep everything in perspective and remember that things probably aren’t as bad as I think and in another week or two I will be feeling great and won’t be riding these emotional waves. So instead of fixating on my problems I’m trying to be solution oriented and take action to fix the things that are getting my down. As I examine my problems I can see that they aren’t really cause for freaking out, they are just regular life things that need to be taken care of. Its like smoking weed has emotionally blunted me and I’m having to redevelop my emotional control and maturity. I guess its taking me being completely sober for almost a week to finally realize just how much smoking weed effected me. It didn’t just make me stoned and dumb, it has made me emotionally immature which is something that I never considered myself to be.

The Only Way is Forward

Despite everything, not being able to sleep, the loss of appetite, mood swings, I am more than happy that I have finally quit smoking weed for good. While I regret that I let it get to this point I realize that the only way to go is forward and there’s no time for me to just feel sorry for myself. I have wasted too much time just smoking weed and now is the time to take massive action to get my life exactly how I want it. Overall I’m positive about things but sometimes if I fixate on something everything can seem overwhelming but I will take it one step at a time and I know soon enough things will be completely different and I won’t even think about smoking weed and its effects will be long gone.

Still Craving Weed, Still Saying No-Day 5

Well today is day number five of my 30 journey about how to quit smoking weed and I have been getting some pretty bad cravings to smoke weed. I think its because today is an off day for me where I don’t have any school or work to keep me busy and occupy my mind. I’m still not sleeping perfect yet but at least I am able to get to sleep unlike the first date that I quit smoking weed where I didn’t sleep a wink the whole night.  I have still been staying strong and not giving into the cravings even though they have been the worst so far. One of the biggest difference that I’ve noticed since quitting marijuana is the time of day when I think about smoking weed. When I used to smoke I would think about lighting up as soon as I got out of bed in the morning. Now it seems to get worse as the day goes on and is especially bad when I’m at home by myself with nothing pressing to do.

Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms I’ve Been Having

While my marijuana withdraw symptoms have been getting less and less I’m still experiencing them to a certain degree.

  • Lack of appetite. I am still having a hard time eating enough and have often gone too long without eating just because I don’t feel hungry. Or when I do make some food I only halfheartedly pick at it until I force myself to eat it. Working out has been helping to boost my metabolism and make me hungry so I’m hopeful this will be a short term problem as its already beginning to get better.
  • Feeling tired and lethargic. This is probably partly due to the fact that I still haven’t completely normalized my sleeping pattern and even when I do get a good nights sleep when I wake up I have to force myself to go workout and just keep pushing even when I feel like just laying around.
  • Negative thoughts. While I wouldn’t say that I’m depressed I have definitely been having some negative thinking going on. This time however I was expecting them and have been trying to keep myself positive by thinking about how far I have already come in my struggle to quit smoking weed for good and thinking about how much different things will be in a few weeks.

Overall I think I’m doing a decent job of staying positive and dealing with the cravings I’ve been having. I know I’m definitely not out of the woods yet but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and can’t wait until my life is completely back to normal and I don’t even think about smoking weed as an option anymore.



First Day of Cravings For Weed-Day 4

Today is day three of my thirty day journey where I explain what I have learned about how to stop smoking weed and chronicle my ups and downs as I quit smoking weed for good. Thus far I have surprisingly enough, not had that many cravings for smoking weed. I have however dealt with many of the symptoms of marijuana withdraw like insomnia, slight irritability,  and lack of appetite but I haven’t really had a real desire to smoke. Well today was the first day that I have had a real desire to say screw it and buy some weed.

My Marijuana Withdraw Cravings Start

During the day while I was staying busy I didn’t really have any thoughts about smoking weed but in the evening when I was just relaxing at home I began to have my first real battle with that little voice that wants me to start smoking again and return to my stoner ways.  I am proud to say however that I remained strong and just ignored my cravings and was successful in getting through another day of not smoking weed without giving in. I am slowing starting to build up my mental resistance and ability to say no.

What I am Doing To Deal With Marijuana Withdraw Cravings

One of the biggest difference between what I am doing to quit smoking weed now and what I did in the past when I tried to stop smoking weed is that I have a plan for dealing with the cravings. It seems like whenever I am bored at home is when I get cravings the worst so I am doing my best to stay busy and keep my mind from having too much time to think about how much I want to get blazed.

  • Exercise. I have always been an athlete and have enjoyed staying in shape. Even when I smoked weed every day, but as I became more addicted to smoking weed I gradually began to not work out as much as I normally would. So I have been getting myself into the habit of working out first thing every day. This has been a big help because it always makes me feel great and puts me in a good mental state for the rest of the day.
  • Meditation. While I’m definitely not a Yogi and don’t really have any intention of traveling to India to seek enlightenment I have been noticing some benefit of daily meditation. It seems to really help to keep me focused and help deal with the anxiety of detoxing the THC out of my body and get my mind used to not being stoned.
  • Writing. The main reason that I started this blog was to have a place where I could share my story and help to keep myself accountable to my goal quitting smoking weed. This has really helped because it makes me mentally go through and make conscious the reason that I want to stop smoking weed.
  • Remembering Why I Don’t Want to Smoke Weed Any More. In the past I have both tried to quit smoking weed and actually quit only to go right back and resume smoking again. Some times for a day or two and once for a week only to cave into the cravings and go back to smoking weed. This time I made a list of all the reason why I don’t want to smoke weed anymore and have been using it to remind myself why I quit and to stay strong in the face of cravings.

So far all of these things have been really helping me to quit weed for good and be able to face life without the haze and brain fog of being stoned.


Glad I Quit Smoking Weed-Day 3

Today is the third day after I have quit smoking weed and while I don’t feel 100% normal yet I am beginning to feel better. Some people report going through major mood swings and depression when they first stop smoking weed but thus far I think my mood has been pretty consistent. Last night was probably the best that I have slept in a long time even though I was a little rough when I fist got up things got better. I have been trying to fill my time with productive things so I have been hitting the gym everyday first thing in the morning. This has really helped me to stop smoking weed because working out has always been something that I loved doing and I always feel a million times better after a workout. It also also puts me in a positive mental state and makes being productive and happy the rest of the day much easier so I plan on continuing to exercise quite a bit.

Stop Smoking Weed and Be Prepared To Be Bored

Now that I have quit smoking weed and my brain is detoxing from the THC I am seeing how much of my free time was taken up by just getting high. Now that I am not smoking weed anymore doing the same routine, work, school, get blazed seems so boring and I have been trying hard to keep myself busy and not just sitting around thinking about how much fun it would be to go get a sack and get blazed the rest of the night. Smoking weed dulled my senses and made me watch tv shows and movies that I would normally think were retarded, I used to read all the time and love watching documentaries which is something that I have really been enjoying getting back into. It seems like when I was smoking weed all the time not only was the pot making me dumb but it also dumb ed down the information that I would put into my brain which has a ripple effect. Not good, but I’m getting back to normal which has been really nice.

Still Following the THC Detox Diet

I have been trying to follow a pretty strict detox diet to try to get the THC out of my system quicker. I don’t have to take any drug tests so its not for that its just that I am trying to get back to normal as quick as I can. For breakfast I have been starting off with fruit and then a couple of eggs, then some whey protein for a morning snack. Then for my other meals I usually do steamed vegetables and grilled chicken breast and I bought some dates and yogurt for dessert. Its amazing that now I’m not smoking weed anymore my cravings for sweets has almost gone away entirely. Normally I am pretty careful about what I eat and because I have always worked out I naturally like to eat pretty good. When I smoked weed I constantly craved sugary junk foods which became both bad for my health and bad for my wallet. I was spending all this money on buying weed and then on top of that I would shell out five bucks for just candy and fast food, things I hardly ever used to eat. It just feels nice getting back to normal and feeling healthy and balanced again both mentally and physically.


The Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms Begin-Day 2

The First Day of Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms

Last night was the first night that I didn’t smoke weed before going to bed and I wasn’t able to get a wink of sleep. I was prepared for this and luckily I was able to have a day where I didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere and could focus on just getting through the day. When I fist went to bed I thought I would at least try to get some sleep even if it wasn’t much but I wasn’t able to get any sleep at all. As far as marijuana withdraw symptoms go, not being able to sleep if one of the worst because it makes  just getting through the day extremely hard. After Tossing and turning for most of the night I finally just gave up on getting any sleep and tried to get some reading done for school but I was having a hard time getting  my mind to concentrate on anything and finally just gave up and watched a documentary instead. I was able to take a nap in the afternoon but woke up after a few hours and while I still felt groggy and pretty out of it. I was glad I didn’t sleep that long because I really want to be able to get to bed early tonight so I can start to get a normal sleeping routine back and get on a good schedule.

The Beginning of Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms

From what I have read everyone experiences different marijuana withdraw symptoms in varying degrees of severity. While they aren’t terrible, this is the first day that I have been experiencing any and I can definitely tell that I am not quite feeling normal. It feels like I am getting sick because I will be sweating one minute and the next it will be like I am freezing and need to put on more clothes but I know its just the marijuana withdraws symptoms that I am experiencing .

Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms I’m Experiencing

Aside from not being able to sleep here is a run down of all the withdraw symptoms that I have been felt today.

  • Sick to my stomach. I have had a hard time eating today and whenever I do it feels like I might be sick and through up. I have been trying to follow the detox plan that is included in the Quit Weed Guide but for today I am more worried about just getting through the rest of the day.
  • Brain fog. My brain feels heavy and very groggy which is probably at least in part due to the lack of sleep.
  • Racing thoughts. Maybe it is just my brain going through its THC detox band I am thinking about everything in my life in a clearer way but I have been trying to keep my thoughts positive and just focus on staying busy.
  • Lethargy. This is also probably because of not getting any sleep but I’ve been having trouble motivating my self to do anything productive.
  • Night Sweats. Last night and even when I took my nap I was sweating most of the time and when I woke up my shirt was drenched and I had to wash my sheets. This is to be expected but none the less I will be happy when I am over them.

So Far So Good- Day 1

Today is the first day of my journey to quit smoking weed for and so far its going pretty good. I have been trying to just keep myself occupied and too busy to really have time to think about smoking weed and so far its working. Normally it seems like as soon as I wake up in the morning I am thinking about getting high, even if I had a full day of school or work and didn’t wake and bake my mind would already be calculating when I would be free to smoke some weed. I think it might be because I have been planning on quitting  today for about a week and have been thinking and planning for what I need to do to just get through the day without giving in and buying more weed. It seems like if I just say no once then every other time it becomes easier and easier to just forget about smoking weed and get on with having a productive day.


 My Marijuana Withdraw Symptoms

So far I really haven’t been experiencing any withdraw symptoms aside from being a little groggy and having a slight inclination to smoke weed. Its not really even what I would call a craving, its more like “oh yeah getting high right now would be fun” instead of a full blown ” I have to get high right effing now” kind of a thing.  A lot of that I think can be attributed to what I have been learning about in the the Quit Weed Guide. I also think a lot of it is my mentality because I have been wanting to just quit smoking weed and give it up for a while now and actually doing it feels awesome. Its like a huge weight is being lifted off of my shoulders and I feel like if I can be successful in quitting smoking weed then there really isn’t much that I won’t be able to do if I just set my mind to it. It is however just the first day so I am sure I will have a rough patch or two but overall I’m pretty confidant in myself and after having gone through all of the information in the Quitting Weed Guide I know I will be able to kick this habit that I have allowed to hold me back for far too long. There is one thing however that I am not looking forward too and that is the first night of tossing and turning that always seems to happen when first quitting weed but I am ready to get it over with and get my self back to normal.

How To Stop Smoking Weed Journal- Day One

My Struggles With Marijuana Addiction-Day One

For the past few months I have been wanting to quit smoking weed but in my mind I had never fully committed to it and would never actually follow through and stop smoking weed. Well today is different, I have fully prepared my self for the first few days of THC detox, not being able to sleep, and the general irritability and mood swings that happen when you stop smoking weed after having been a habitual user. In the past I have quit smoking weed before but I have never made it stick and usually after the first sleepless night of marijuana withdraw induced insomnia I would crawl back to Mary J and before long I would be right back where I was. This time however I am determined to actually stop smoking weed for good and not give into the cravings no matter how much I think I miss being stoned.

Knowledge is Power

I think The biggest differences between me quitting smoking weed in the past and now are one, I am fully committed to quitting weed for good and not smoking anymore, and secondly I am much better informed and have learned a significant amount of information about how to stop smoking weed. For the past month I have taken it upon myself to become better informed about the actual effects that smoking marijuana has on the brain and body and what I can expect when I am going through the quitting process. For me, one of the biggest motivators to stop smoking weed was learning real information about what smoking pot is doing to my brain, body, and psychological health, not to mention the chunk it has taken out of my bank account over the years. As I began to learn more about the effects of smoking weed I began to realize how stupid I have been to continue smoking weed. While there are a great number of excellent sources on the internet about marijuana addiction I would have to say one of the biggest reasons why I am actually excited about quitting weed is a guide I found online called Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide. It has honestly educated me and changed a lot of my views about smoking weed and being addicted to marijuana as well as giving me a lot of good information about how to quit smoking weed for good.

Don’t Smoke Away Your Dreams

Sure smoking weed is fun right? If it wasn’t then no one would do it, but while there are thousands of people with serious medical conditions that benefit from smoking weed, for me it was always an entirely recreational drug. Well that’s how it started but from there it has turned into a real addiction that has brought me nothing but trouble and regret ever since. I look back on the time I have spent just being high and now realize what an utter and complete waste all that time was. When I am stoned its like a switch gets flipped inside me, normally I am quick witted, socially outgoing, organized and hard working. A couple of bong rips later and I am a completely different person. When I was stoned I would feel awkward and uneasy in social situations and was unwilling to make my brain work to learn new things. Its like when I am stoned I am a sub par, watered down version of my normal self and I am ready to change! I want to get back to the old me who was happy and enthusiastic about life in general and ready to take on the world. Smoking weed in my opinion has done nothing to help me and I am ready to stop smoking weed and start a new drug free chapter of my life


How to Stop Smoking Weed Daily Blog-Day 1 of 30

Today is the day that I will stop smoking pot and will be moving forward into a new, pot free part of my life. I have been using marijuana to varying degrees since I was in my late teens and then now into my young adult life. For myself it has always been my Achilles heel, I can take or leave alchohol, I don’t smoke but smoking weed has always been something that I have honestly had a  hard time controlling. For me smoking weed is something that I used to not deal with my responsibilities to the fullest extend of my abilities and of course I can and am only speaking about my own personal experience with the negative side effects of smoking weed that I have had and am trying to not let happen again. I know that there are many smart, ambitious people who smoke pot and don’t have a problem, I however am not a person who can balance both being super productive and still smoking marijuana on a daily basis. I would say that I am a pretty smart person but when I am high I feel like its a completely different story. I go from being focused and quick witted to just plain dumb and disorganized, which is not a trend that I want to continue into my adult life. I want more for myself and I feel like for far too long I have used smoking weed as an excuse to not live up to my full potential and actually do something meaningful and worthwhile with my time. Which is why I have decided that I will stop smoking weed from here on out and actually put my money where my mouth is and follow through on quitting smoking pot and become the person that I know I can be. So I would like to say thank you for reading this as I start my journey of no longer smoking weed. I will be posting everyday and maybe more as I document the first thirty days of how I will quit smoking weed for good.