How Long Will THC Stay in Your System? Use this Marijuana Detox Detection Timetable

How Long Does THC Stick Around?

While everyone will be different and there are a lot of factors that will contribute to how long it takes to fully detox marijuana from your system. The table below will help to serve as at least a rough guide.

What Factors Effect How Long Marijuana Stays in Your System?

Length of Your Pot Usage
THC builds up in your system so the longer the amount of time that you have been regularly smoking marijuana, the longer it will take to get clean. If you even think that you may be drug tested for marijuana in the near future. It goes without saying that you should immediate quit smoking pot entirely. Or, at the very least try to cut back on your weed usage as much as possible. This will help you body to start to natural detox the THC out of your system.

Percent of Body Fat
THC sticks to fat cells, so it’s fairly easy to understand that the high your level of body fat, the longer it will take to test clear for marijuana. The good news is that this is something that with a little hard work and dedication, is entirely in your control. If not failing a drug test and not getting a job that you really need, or even worse, failing a probation or court ordered drug test is the motivation you need to get into better shape. Then use it as a reason to work on yourself and improve your health in the process.

Speed of Your Metabolism
Everyone’s metabolism is a different speed and this does have an effect on how quickly your processes and detoxes weed out of your system. The faster your metabolism is, the faster you will be able to detox the THC and test clear.

The Potency of the Marijuana
Today with modern growing techniques and medical marijuana becoming more and more widely available. The strength of potency of marijuana is becoming stronger and stronger. The higher the levels of THC in the weed that you smoke, the more THC that puts in your system and the longer it will take to be clean again.

Unique Genetic Makeup
Everyone’s body and genetics are different. This means that you may process and get rid of THC faster or slower than someone else.

Frequency of Exercise
When you regularly exercise or do some kind of physical activity, it has multiple beneficial effects on more quickly getting the THC of out of your system. Exercise speeds up your metabolism, burns calories and fat in which the THC is stored and will help your body to more quickly process and detox the marijuana out of your body.

Everyone is going to be different and because there is really no hard and fast rule on how long it will take you personally to detox any remaining THC out of your system. Use the table below as a guide to help give you an idea of how long you personally to be free of any signs of THC to show up in your system.

Single use only6 to 10 days
2 to 4 times in 30 days10 to 20 days
2 to 4 times in 7 days25 to 35 days
5 plus times in 7 days35 to 50 days
Use every day50 to 90 days
Saliva drug testUp to 10 days
Hair drug test90 to 120 days
Blood drug test2 to 5 days
Fingernail drug testUp to 90 days

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