timetable for marijuana detection

Marijuana Detox Detection Timetable

How Long Does THC Stick Around?

While everyone will be different and there are a lot of factors that will contribute to how long it takes to fully detox marijuana from your system, the table below will help to serve as at least a rough guide. Its important to remember that factors like the potency of marijuana smoked, body fat percentage, frequency of exercise, and your unique genetic make up will all play a role in exactly how long it takes before every trace of THC has been eliminated from your body.

Single use only6 to 10 days
2 to 4 times in 30 days10 to 20 days
2 to 4 times in 7 days25 to 35 days
5 plus times in 7 days35 to 50 days
Use every day50 to 90 days
Saliva drug testUp to 10 days
Hair drug test90 to 120 days
Blood drug test2 to 5 days
Fingernail drug testUp to 90 days

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