ten tips to help quit smoking weed

How to Stop Smoking Weed-10 Tips for Cravings

How to Stop Smoking Weed and not Give into the Cravings

When it comes to figuring out how to stop smoking weed, dealing with the cravings for the first few days after quitting can be the hardest part. Once the initial withdraw period is over (which for most people lasts between three days to a week) the cravings to still smoke marijuana will begin to pass until they are nonexistent. So here is a list of ten things you can do to deal with the cravings when they happen and hopefully be able to anticipate them and have a plan before hand.

1. Figure out why exactly you want to quit.Write down all of the reasons why you want to stop smoking weed and keep this list handy so you can be reminded why you are trying to quit smoking weed in the first place

2. Identify things that trigger marijuana use. These will be different for everyone and can be people, places, or mental associations that make you want to get high. Knowing what kinds of things trigger your desire to get high will help you to make a plan to avoid these kinds of situations.

3. Clean up your diet. In order to do a THC detox and remove the toxins from your body you have to be eating right. Smoking marijuana makes you crave foods that are high in sugar and artificial flavors and by removing these foods, and eating healthy balanced meals you will quicken the time it takes to get the THC out of your body and help reduce cravings.

4. Start to exercise. If you don’t exercise already, than now is the perfect time to begin. Working out and staying active is a great way to help you stop smoking weed by providing a positive way to reduce stress and blow off some steam. Not to mention the added benefit of feeling and looking great.

5. Take up a new hobby. When you first quit smoking weed its great to have things that help to fill up your time and keep your mind occupied. When your trying to figure out how to stop smoking weed than a new hobby or activity is a great way to start because you will be training your self to do things that are productive and bring you enjoyment other than marijuana.

6. Avoid other pot smokers. When you first stop smoking weed it is vital that you stay away from people and situations in which you may be tempted to relapse. Tell your friends who still smoke that you have some stuff to take care and will be busy. If you want to tell them why you can’t hangout then feel free, just don’t look to active weed smokers for support. They may not understand why you want to quit smoking pot but if they are someone who is truly your friend then they will understand.

7. Take a vacation or a road trip. If you are able, then taking a trip is a great way to learn how to get a fresh perspective by putting your self in a new environment. You won’t be able to act on any cravings to get  high and will hopefully be too busy enjoying yourself to be thinking about weed.

8. Erase your dealers phone number from your phone book. It will be impossible to break down and buy weed if you aren’t able to get a hold of any one who sells it. This also applies to people who could easily help you get or give you weed. If you just stop buying your own and then bum off of your smoker friends then that’s not actually quitting. If you’re serious about getting and staying clean then you have to make the decision to fully stop smoking pot.

9. Hangout with people who don’t smoke weed. When your busy enjoying life you won’t feel the need to smoke weed. A great way to do this is to be around people who don’t smoke this will help keep you that much less likely to break down and give into the cravings.

10. Start to meditate or do relaxing activities. Things like yoga, meditation, and quietly reflecting on things will help to reduce tension and begin to build healthy habits that reduce stress. This will also help to make you more emotionally resilient and give you the tools to be able to take what life throws at you while staying positive and strong.

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  1. While I been smoking weed for 16 years and stopped one time cause I became pregant with my daughter that means the world to me.I see myself falling down as I started smoking weed again when she was 5 months old.
    I really have no money no job and want to make life the best for my daughter cause she all I have in life besides her dad that I been with for 10 years and have this love for him that I can’t let go cause I have been though thick and thin with him in this 10 years ,but I want a new life that I can spend my money on whatever my daughter wants and needs in this world now days.I am going to try my best to control my anger without the weed.I hate that I smoke a lot and don’t have for my daughter what a regular kid should have in life.I
    I want life regular just me,my husband,and my daughter of ours that we gonna raise her different then our child hood life where growing up and love her dearly and think if I keep my mind on the right track that I can do it stop smoking not just for her but for myself my health.I am sick with really bad GERD and I am going though a lot of test that thinking was going on am always having acid reflex really bad where it hurts in the stomach and chest area so thinking I have a hiatal hernia something around the lining of the stomach and smoking weed and cigars make it hurt and cough a lot cause the smoking can’t really pass I force my self just so I can get high,all this is a reflex disease that I been having since age 16 years old and still living with it so scary cause my great grandmother had it so bad she passed at age 80 years old turning ulcers into cancer spread with in a year and she was weak as ever.
    So am pushing for my day to quit could be today,tomorrow but I am ready when the lord tells me that’s enough and think hes telling me now Andrea thank u lord and u are my savior.

    1. Omg!! Your story sounds a lot like mine. Girl I wanna quit so bad I feel like its holding me back from my blessings. I no you can be successful and still smoke but for some reason God wants me to stop I can feel it! It’s always heavy on my mind and I have acid reflux as well the only time I quit was when I was pregnant with my daughter too!! I feel stupid as hell when I got weed and she don’t have what she needs!! Then I’m like we’ll what if I don’t buy no more and just smoke when people fire up or just give me some but that don’t work either. I stop smoking cigarettes for three years and last year I had stop smoking weed for 45 days but I went back to the cigs then I stop them again and started back smoking the weed and I’m so scared imma want a cigarette!! See the habit for me is smoking if I got weed I don’t trip off the cigarette and vice versa!! Idk what to do!!! HELP!!!

  2. This is day 1 for me. I’ve tried several times in the past,but now I have a daughter. It is even more important that I quit. I did the math and I spend about 300 on weed in a month, which is roughly 3600 in a year. That would amount to 36,000 in 10 years. I can use that money to send my daughter to a post secondary institution. I’ve gained about 45 lbs in the past 2 years and i’m the heaviest i’ve been. I’m going to start exercising and changing my associations. I use weed to relax when i’m anxious, bored or stressed out. That needs to change. The guy selling the quit marijuana book is right. It’s these small decisions that define how you will lead the rest of your life. Wish me luck!

  3. Day 4 for me, I got 2 young boys and a loving wife. I know it’s time to quit, very hard. First three days were fine I was on a business course for my new job, but day 4 is awful, stressed, angry, depressed, anxious, so many people rely on me, I can do this….
    Rise above and help me!

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by. If you have made it to day four then the hardest part of the battle is over, what you have to do now is continue to reinforce new habits and patterns in place of your old. It takes roughly three to four weeks for new habits and changes to start to become naturally and it is in this time that you’re most likely to relapse and give up on quitting weed.
      It is normal to feel unnatural, stressed, moody, anxious and have insomnia for a short period of time after quitting smoking weed. This will pass and usually begins to fade after a week and is nearly gone if not entirely after a month.
      Just remember to stay strong and keep in mind exactly why you want to not smoke weed anymore.
      best of luck

  4. I have been smoking draw for 31 yrs, I have given up again day 23 today and im craving so bad i would give everything for a spliff. My mom died 4 yrs ago from lung cancer she smoked ciggies not spliffs, and just lately my chest is so bad i get out of puff climbing the stairs that i know i should give in and never touch the stuff again, then i have days like today where i think F^^** my chest have a smoke how mad is that.But i hav’nt im just craving iv just got to stay strong hope your all still doing welland being strong and keeping positive .

    1. Hi, it sounds like you have the motivation and will to make the changes that you need in your life. Stay strong and just take things one day at a time.
      Best of luck to you and feel free to give an update on how things are going

  5. I been smoking pot since I was 12 years old I’m 19 now and I’m dedicated to stopping cold Turkey this site is going to help me a lot

  6. Where there’s a will there’s a way stop smoking super skunk its been a week its the best feeling ever you feel happy hyper not afraid to fight ready for anything in life

    1. Congratulations on being a week clean. I absolutely agree, The first few days after you quit smoking are a bit rough but after your head clears and you get your first good night of sleep the feeling of waking up clear headed and ready to go is definitely a good feeling.

  7. I Have Been Smoking For Over 12 Years, 10 Years Almost Everyday All Day Morning Till Night. I Am On Day 2 And Losing It. Ive Done This Before Only To Tell Myself That I Can Have A Toke Once And A While…I Cant! I Will Smoke Till Its gone. I Have Been Having Every Withdrawl Symptom You can Imagine. I Just Keep Telling Myself Its ThE WithdrawL. Ive Read That It Can Cause Mental Disorders And That Has Stuck In My Brain For A Week, Which Is Scaring Me because I Just Want To Be My Old Normal Self Again. I Am Married To An Amazing woman, Have 2 Amazing Boys That Are Smart And Healthy And Own My Own BusinessEs That Are Doing greaT.I Did JuSt Have A nasty Case Of Asthmatic Broncitis, Maybe Pneumonia, And Had To Go On Inhalers To Help Me With Athsma Attacks. Since GeTtinG The Bronchitis, Ive Been Obbsessing About My Breathing And Hoping I Didnt Cause Anything Worse To My Breathing Than Just Broncitis, For The Last Month I Cut Down To Less Than 3 Times A Day. It Literally Was Like Wake And Bake And Maybe Go TO Work High Come Home Smoke, Than Smoke Than Want More After Just Smoking. Im Addicted So Bad. Quit Cigarettes 49 Days Ago And Am So Happy For That, Just Said No More Cigs And That Was It. Weed Not So Easy It Got Me Through My Mothers Death ANd Everything I Do now I Think Maybe I Should Have A Smoke Before I Do That. The Kicker Now is When I Do smoke IGet Paranoid AD Have ExtreMe Anxiety. So I Feel Like I Have No Option But To Quit. It Sucks Feeling This Way. I Wish I Never Started Smoking, My Life Is Other Wise Pretty Great Except For The Anxiety Sober Or AnXiety High. I Will Keep Updating My Adventure. ThanKs to all That Reply honestlyTo These Forums Yoir WoRds Are Helping Me In My Path To sobriety. For ThoSe that saY Weed Isnt Addixtive….I Was You! Weed Is Natural I Would Say. Its NoT addictive! We Were And Are Wrong. I Am Not Saying Everyone Should Quit. Just Me. Im Not Gonna Lie AnD Say It Shouldnt Be Legal, Its Just Bad For Me And My Mental State, And Clearly It Has Affected Many Others Too In A Negative Way. Now Im Left TryinG Figure Out HOw To OveCome This, Wish I Wouldve Never started

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad that you have found this website helpful which is what its intended to be. Everyone is different and some people are fine smoking weed and for others it becomes a problem. The withdraw symptoms will pass with time, I promise and soon enough you will be back to your normal self. Something that would be a good idea is to find positive outlets for your anxiety and stress while you are still going through the withdraw. This can be anything from exercising, to a new hobby or something like meditation and yoga to help calm your mind. When you have smoked for that long your body and mind are used to being stoned so its not just about quitting but also retraining your brain to function in a normal non altered state.
      Keep us posted and if you want I would be more than open to giving you the opportunity to share your story and document your journey through having your own section of the blog where you can share.

  8. DWow its so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one struggling to stop smoking weed! Today I have decided to quit I’ve been smoking all my life and not entirely all my fault see I grew up wit parents who lit up wit my sister and I since I was 6 and through my adolecence and and teenage years I never thought anything was wrong with it but now I’m spiritully into god and about to be 40 I see it as my blocking my relationship wit god.I am getting engage and my fiancee don’t smoke and I hate that he feels I have to smoke because that’s what I’ve shown him I have accomplished a lot in my life but I know that this will be by far the best I will try my hardest and pray that god also stops my temptation and not let everyone I love leave me because of my evilness from not smoking

    1. Its great that you have decided that you want to make changes in your life and are motivated to do so. Remember that you have the power to stop at anytime and the addiction is a psychological one. With that beings said you will also need to change the habits that you have formed around smoking since you have been doing it for so long. This is the perfect time to fill your life with other positive good things that keep you busy and happy until you have been able to stay away for long enough that you have broken the pattern. good luck and please feel free to keep me updated

  9. I found this and read it every day.
    Mary Jane, you’ve helped me through tough times. I thank you for the times of contemplative self-discovery, of social inebriation, of euphoric wonder. But now it’s time to help myself through tough times. I hope your liberation is as empowering, if not more, than your discovery. May we meet again only in passing, if even then. Thank you for teaching me, thank you for letting me [let you] go, and finally helping me realize I was the one helping you use me by using you. Peace.

    1. That’s a pretty accurate description I would say. For some people smoking weed has been an adventure and a pleasure, yet for others it becomes out of control. There comes a time in every ones life where partying and just having fun don’t have as much importance as other things in life. While smoking Mary Jane can certainly be a fun experience if only done on occasion, if it becomes habitual then it can begin to have a seriously negative impact on ones life

    1. Hang in there, it get easier trust me. The first few days are rough but after that its really no sweat. You just have to keep yourself busy and always remember why you have decided to make this change in your life and quit smoking marijuana. In the long run you will be a smarter, more determined person for the experience.

  10. Me and my bf on day 2 Not as Bad as
    I taught i would be. finding the lack
    of sleep and the sweats hard to cope
    cope with. This Website is a great
    help Think you:-)

    1. Congrats on making it this far, as you can see all its all just a mental game and its quite easy to quit once you have made your mind up and stay strong. I’m glad that you have found this website helpful and I wish you good luck as you begin the next phase of your life without the crutch of marijuana holding you back.

  11. I am 23 and have smoked skunk heavily everyday since I was 17 18 ateast 3 joints a night sometimes up to 6 or 7 a night, the thought of quiting was unbearable I couldn’t see a way out I lost my job out of no where which effected me badly I split with the mother of my child which was heartbreaking and have been staying from place to place living out a bag, my situation made it harder to smoke especially the fact I had no money and become really depressed. Just the thought of being without it would make me panic, I have lost friends people stopped inviting me out coz they knew I wouldn’t go anywhere without having weed on me the list of negatives go on an on, my daughter and her mum is what I live for they are the most important thing me to in the world and we met up last weekend for a meal to talk things over I knew if I smoked before the meal it would piss her off as she quit a couple months ago an has seen how badly skunk has effected me, I decided I wouldn’t smoke before the meal and attempt to quit that night I didn’t believe i would follow through with it. I am now on day 4 I never thought I could do it, I have been smoking cigarettes to substitute for the smoking habit which I will quit once I am fully over the weed and taking kalms tablets to help me sleep I am feeling mentally so much better about myself I find the days easier then I expected but dread the nights horrible dreams sweating loads and not much sleep but I know it will be worth it. I found reading other peoples experiences helps the most. If I can quit trust me anyone can I hope this post helps someone. I still have a long way to go good luck people

    1. Congratulations on making it to day 4. We all have to start somewhere and the sooner you realize that the faster you can start to make the changes you want to make. It sounds like you have some really good motivation to stay clean since it seems like you really care about your child and her mother. I’m sure that if you continue to make these sorts of changes the mother of your child would want you to be a part of your babies life.
      Smoking weed can be fun but if you have to choose between a plant or being there to help provide and care for your daughter there really isn’t a comparison. You will be a thousand times happier and more fulfilled if you make the changes, stop smoking weed, get a job and are a part of your child’s life. It doesn’t have to be a great job but a source of income and the stability that having employment will bring far outweigh any enjoyment that getting stoned may bring.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I am now 9 weeks smoke free, have joined the gym and have a new job! Mentally I feel so much better, I am fully in control of my emotions and don’t get angry any more, I used to have a real bad temper. The first 2 weeks were horrible I was breaking down, depressed, sleep deprived and thought it would go on forever. But every day gets easier and once you get over that first hurdle you feel so good about yourself and I can now be out on a night out and have someone blowing smoke in my face and resist any temptation to smoke. Its amazing once you have a clear mind how much it can change your perspective on things. I never thought i would see the day. Some of my friends and family can’t believe it, I was a big stoner. So if I can do this believe me, anyone can! I have always been part of my kids life since the day she was born and always a good parent as a smoker, but now I am smoke free there are more positives to being a parent I have more money to spend on her, don’t feel like a zombie in the mornings and I know she can grow up without it ever having to be around her which is a good feeling. I have written a weekly blog on how I was feeling throughout the process of giving up weed, I plan on putting it online as I feel reading other peoples experiences is a massive help and lets you know your not alone in feeling this way. This page really helped me along with others, so Thank you!

        1. Hi! I’m sorry that I’m just now replying but it sounds like you are doing great. I would agree that it’s amazing what a clear mind can do for your perspective. Did you ever publish your story online? I would be interesting to read, or if you would consider it, I would be more then happy to publish your story here on this website. I’m sure that people would find your story and perspective both interesting and inspiring.
          I wish you the best of luck

  12. this is my first day trying to stop. i only tried to stop as i started a new job and they do drug tests every month twice a month so i actually dont have any willpower as i felt fine smoking and i could cope with smokin regularly however i have to stop or if i dont and get tested and fail i wont be able to get another job as you get blacklisted from every other site also. i just need to find something to stop cravings before they start! any suggestions will help as i dont have any friends who dont smoke weed and everywhere i go there is always someone who smokes it as it has been kind of my social circle since secondary school.

    1. The social aspect of marijuana is definitely a challenge for some people when they decide to not smoke marijuana any more. It is an unfortunate fact that if you are really trying to stop for good you may need to update your friends and social circle. Some of the people may be your genuine friends and a relationship is possible outside of getting high but in order for you to be truly committed to not being a stoner its best to limit your contact with people and situations that may make you want to keep smoking. I would explain to them that you have to quit using because you are ready to get a good job and be making money to support yourself and build a future. If they don’t understand this then it may be time to not hangout with people like that. Smoking weed if a fun thing to do but at some point you have to decide whether you want the stress of not passing a drug test and being forced to work at a menial job and if weed fits into the kind of life that you want to have as an adult. Its not that marijuana is its self harmful but when it comes to living a fulfilled life with a good job, is getting high really worth it anymore? That is something that you will have to decide for yourself because its your life and what you decide to do with it and the consequences of your actions are yours to live with, for better or worse.
      I hope that helped and I would be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have.

  13. 420 has been a big part of my life for years. I grow it-sell it-smoke it. Every day for 30 years. I’m 50. Now seems the time to let it go as it seems to have a grip on me. Mikes post was beautiful. A poem to marijuana. That resonated and is easy to forgive all the problems/$ smoking has caused. I quit drinking at 40 and at 50 I’m going to quit weed. What I have learned is that herb can be insidious as one can still deal with life without falling down like a drunk. Excuse the pun but it can be creeper in the way it affect you.

    Thanks for the posts everyone. It helps to have perspective of others going through it.


  14. I’d like to share what I wrote for point 1, which is my reasoning for wanting to give up:

    I want to quit smoking weed for a period of time to stop becoming dependant on it.

    I want to do this because I want to live a normal life, and find happiness with someone which I don’t think will happen
    while I smoke as much weed as I do because I believe it makes me anxious, paranoid and depressed.

    I cannot let it control my life any more.

    I feel like if I can give it up completely for a few weeks I won’t feel the need to smoke it all the time any more.

    I want to be with Chloe and I feel like smoking weed every day will hinder that, especially if I carry on smoking it every day
    behind her back without telling her if we get together.

    I want to be in a loving relationship with complete honesty and trust.

    I want to be happy.

    1. Hi,
      Congratulations on taking the first step in deciding that you want to take a step in a positive direction with your life. Now that you have come to this realization you have made the most important step towards lasting change.

  15. Day 8 for me I have to quit and detox because I am pregnant and it is very hard I don’t car what people say u still end up wanting it after a week it doesn’t help my boyfriend smokes so the temptations there but I keep going for my child the it did help in the beginning because or morning sickness and not being able to eat and keep stuff down for the first 3 month but I’m going to keep try to push through and stay clean for my child

    1. Hi there,
      I can understand what you are going through. It sounds like your child is very important to you and you want to do whats best for it. While I cannot comment on what its like to be pregnant and have morning sickness, I can tell you that after a short period of time you will no longer be feeling any withdraw symptoms from smoking weed. Have you tried talking with your boyfriend about maybe quitting weed with you? If he is also as devoted to your child then maybe the two of you can become a source of support and strength.
      I wish you the best of luck and if you have any more questions or want to reach out for support then please don’t hesitate.


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