How to Stop Smoking Weed-Day 6

Emotional Roller Coaster

Well today is the sixth day since I finally quit smoking weed and it has been an interesting and self revealing process thus far. I’m not sure why but it seems like the past day my thoughts have just been racing and I have definitely been noticing some sharp swings in my mood. I know that this is all just part of the normalization process that I have to go through as my body and mind get used to not smoking weed on a daily basis. I have just been trying to keep everything in perspective and remember that things probably aren’t as bad as I think and in another week or two I will be feeling great and won’t be riding these emotional waves. So instead of fixating on my problems I’m trying to be solution oriented and take action to fix the things that are getting my down. As I examine my problems I can see that they aren’t really cause for freaking out, they are just regular life things that need to be taken care of. Its like smoking weed has emotionally blunted me and I’m having to redevelop my emotional control and maturity. I guess its taking me being completely sober for almost a week to finally realize just how much smoking weed effected me. It didn’t just make me stoned and dumb, it has made me emotionally immature which is something that I never considered myself to be.

The Only Way is Forward

Despite everything, not being able to sleep, the loss of appetite, mood swings, I am more than happy that I have finally quit smoking weed for good. While I regret that I let it get to this point I realize that the only way to go is forward and there’s no time for me to just feel sorry for myself. I have wasted too much time just smoking weed and now is the time to take massive action to get my life exactly how I want it. Overall I’m positive about things but sometimes if I fixate on something everything can seem overwhelming but I will take it one step at a time and I know soon enough things will be completely different and I won’t even think about smoking weed and its effects will be long gone.

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