How To Stop Smoking Weed Journal- Day One

My Struggles With Marijuana Addiction-Day One

For the past few months I have been wanting to quit smoking weed but in my mind I had never fully committed to it and would never actually follow through and stop smoking weed. Well today is different, I have fully prepared my self for the first few days of THC detox, not being able to sleep, and the general irritability and mood swings that happen when you stop smoking weed after having been a habitual user. In the past I have quit smoking weed before but I have never made it stick and usually after the first sleepless night of marijuana withdraw induced insomnia I would crawl back to Mary J and before long I would be right back where I was. This time however I am determined to actually stop smoking weed for good and not give into the cravings no matter how much I think I miss being stoned.

Knowledge is Power

I think The biggest differences between me quitting smoking weed in the past and now are one, I am fully committed to quitting weed for good and not smoking anymore, and secondly I am much better informed and have learned a significant amount of information about how to stop smoking weed. For the past month I have taken it upon myself to become better informed about the actual effects that smoking marijuana has on the brain and body and what I can expect when I am going through the quitting process. For me, one of the biggest motivators to stop smoking weed was learning real information about what smoking pot is doing to my brain, body, and psychological health, not to mention the chunk it has taken out of my bank account over the years. As I began to learn more about the effects of smoking weed I began to realize how stupid I have been to continue smoking weed. While there are a great number of excellent sources on the internet about marijuana addiction I would have to say one of the biggest reasons why I am actually excited about quitting weed is a guide I found online called Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide. It has honestly educated me and changed a lot of my views about smoking weed and being addicted to marijuana as well as giving me a lot of good information about how to quit smoking weed for good.

Don’t Smoke Away Your Dreams

Sure smoking weed is fun right? If it wasn’t then no one would do it, but while there are thousands of people with serious medical conditions that benefit from smoking weed, for me it was always an entirely recreational drug. Well that’s how it started but from there it has turned into a real addiction that has brought me nothing but trouble and regret ever since. I look back on the time I have spent just being high and now realize what an utter and complete waste all that time was. When I am stoned its like a switch gets flipped inside me, normally I am quick witted, socially outgoing, organized and hard working. A couple of bong rips later and I am a completely different person. When I was stoned I would feel awkward and uneasy in social situations and was unwilling to make my brain work to learn new things. Its like when I am stoned I am a sub par, watered down version of my normal self and I am ready to change! I want to get back to the old me who was happy and enthusiastic about life in general and ready to take on the world. Smoking weed in my opinion has done nothing to help me and I am ready to stop smoking weed and start a new drug free chapter of my life


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  1. U really said it all there pal. Fuckin wit ya on dis weed is after taking away the best part of my youth have nothin but debt now and falling out wit people.. Paranoia is a serious killer den too can’t go outside your house.. Only for a bag.. F**k dis man I’m starting jogging..

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