How to Stop Smoking Weed- Weed Free For One week-Day 7

One Week Since I Quit Smoking Weed

Well it has been a whole week since I was finally able to quit smoking weed for good. I have to say it feels pretty damn nice to have been able to actually quit for good this time. There are still times when I think how nice it would be to toke up and just say screw it but after coming this far there is no way I will let all of the trouble I went through go to waste.

How I Quit Smoking Weed

I would be lying if I said that the past week has been easy or that there weren’t times when I was close to giving in but this time I stuck to my goal of being weed free and am very happy that I did. In the past I have quit before, sometimes just for a day and once I went almost a week without smoking only to give in, buy some weed and quickly go right back to getting high every day.

The Right Information Made All the Difference

I would have to say that the biggest difference between then and now is that this time I knew what I would have to go through, had a plan, and most important of all I had information. I found a great eBook and multimedia product about how to quit smoking weed. I have to say it has been an invaluable resource in helping me kick my habit and quit smoking the ganja for good. If you are like I was and struggled to stop smoking weed then I would recommend checking it out, because at least for myself it has been a huge help and I’m not sure if I would have been successful without it. To check it out for yourself just click here for the Quit Weed Guide and see for your self.

Moving On After Quitting Weed

One of the greatest benefits that I have experienced after I quit smoking weed is the mental clarity and lack of brain fog I used to get. Right before I quit I was smoking a few times a day everyday. It didn’t matter if I had school, a test to study for, work, or anything else. I was basically walking through life in a haze of smoke and I could notice a huge difference. Now after a week of being sober I can feel my brain coming back to life and it has been awesome. I can’t wait to keep getting sharper and have my memory return to what is was before. Its not like I switched a flip, its been more gradual than that but when I am studying or having a conversation it has been quite noticeable.  I have also been actively trying to exercise my brain by playing chess online. I also bought several brain training books with puzzles and challenges from amazon so I can train my brain and keep from getting bored at the same time. At least for me boredom has been one of the biggest challenges in quitting weed. Smoking marijuana unfortunately became what I used to do with my free time aside from school and work. Gradually it began to eat up more and more until it was my main hobby. The thing about smoking weed is that when your stoned, that’s basically all you do. It makes you lose interest in mentally challenging yourself and keeps you in a little box. Now that I have stopped smoking weed I’m trying to use my time to make myself better and smarter. It has been an adjustment but its getting better each day and I keep looking forward to the future because I know I will be facing it with a clear mind and will be able to deal with whatever problems I encounter with a sharp, focused, sober mind


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  1. Congratulations! Today also marks my 1st week And like you said it’s not easy. There’s been plenty of times where I just wished I had a blunt. Most of the time this is just when I’m at home doing nothing. But ever since this year weed has literally ruined my life. I actually smiled my 1st blunt the end of my junior year in high school. (21 graduated in 2010) ever since then I was smoking. I got into a bad car accident on 2010 and after that i smoke so much. Fast forward to 2013 weed has clowded my judgment and I got fired from my 2 1/2 year job from it and missed out on some really good opportunities. I’m currently unemployed because of weed and rash dimensions. It’s really depressions thinking about it.
    You may like smoking now but in the long run its not a good idea.
    We can do this OP


  3. I quit smoking weed Jan 1st, 2014 I’m currently 7days in without smoking. I spent new years eve in jail due to bad decisions smoking weed in a car with a friend. That was the the last straw for me, it hasn’t been easy and I’ve been smoking for 10 years. I have a 5 year old son that I love dearly and I owe it to him and my family to get better employment to provide. My family and freedom is more important than weed so I remind myself of that every time I get the urge to smoke. I feel it will be well worth it in the long run. S/O to anyone battling this obstacle, trust your not alone. I’m looking forward to being free of depending on weed and having a clear mind to deal with the pressures of everyday life. Think positive and think of all the doors that will open for you once your clean and free of smoking weed. I loved to smoke weed but giving my son and I a better life is much more important than smoking blunts everyday. Put what’s most important to you 1st. Good luck to anyone who reads this!

    1. I’m sorry that it took you getting arrested but it may be a blessing in disguise if you use it as the motivation to finally quit smoking weed and make changes in your life. It also takes a lot maturity to realize that what you have been doing is wrong and take the steps to change that. Even though you feel like you have wasting your time and talents by getting high this will serve as a learning experience where you can grow as a person and learn how to overcome obstacles. You are right that both you and your son deserve a good life and it sounds like you are willing to do what it takes to make that a reality. Getting high is fun but when you compare it to the satisfaction of living a clean and meanful life where you can watch your son grow up and know that you’re providing him the the best life you can, smoking weed and being stoned to the world just can’t compare.
      Don’t beat yourself up about the past, there’s nothing you can do to change that but the future is entirely in your hands and as long as you have learned from the past then you can move into the future a smarter and stronger person.
      Don’t be afraid to keep us posted as to your progress and i wish you the best of luck.

  4. I stopped smoking weed on Jan 5Th 2014 after i got the first ticket i ever received in my life for possession im 20 years old and i have been smoking since i was 13 . Its been 5 days , i replaced weed with the gym and its going well (withdrawls is a given) i always say marijuana =Fuck it & i dont want to just say fuck everything i have to deal with things . Marijuana has done nothing for me but cost me money, finicial aide loss, jobs, relationships, i could go on ….. But like some else said on here the past is the past i know i shouldnt be so hard on myself but i have to be . But if you are thinking about stopping you can do it if i can . I have not felt this good about myself in yearrrrs , in fact i would never type this much if i were high or trying to get high, arent you tired of chasing a high ? And lastly my dad has cancer and i want to spend as much time with him as can , rather then being anxious to get high to cope , and forget all the memories IF MY DAD CAN FIGHT CANCER WE ALL CAN STOP SMOKING WEED

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by. It definitely sounds like you are making the right decision to finally give up smoking weed. Despite the fact that it has limited some of your options because you are just 20 you have a lot of time to get back on the right track and really do a 180 with your life and make a vast improvement. Its terrible that you had to have a run in with the law and that your father is sick but sometimes things that seem like our worst tragedy can turn out to be a blessing in disguise that helps us grow and mature as people. That’s why the past is best left in the past, take the mistakes that you have made and learn from them rather then beating your self up about them. The best thing you can do is to keep doing positive things which it sounds like you are and just move ahead with your life a wiser person for having gone through the experience. I hope that you keep up the good work and can spend as much time with your father as you can.
      Good luck

    1. That’ awesome, I’m sure you have started to become more and more clearheaded and realized what a drag and handicap being stoned really is. Keep up the good work and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ive stop smoking weed almost two weeks now.. iys a struggle but things I my life were getting so out of control I needdd to quit… being stoned I would just over look issues being sobrr im dealing with them… the side effect are driving me crazy but my vocabulary is better… I actually forgot how smart I was.. I have been smokin since 15 and im 28 only stopping for 4 pregnacies.I feel myself gettin better my hardest thing im dealing with is depression or better actuality dealing with reality im striving to be a better person and mother ive thought about regressing and givin up but im better thsn that its a long road to recovery but its worth it..

  6. I am on day 7 without smoking and it is a challenge, but i try to keep busy. I decided to quit bc it is pointless and i always feel guilty which in turn causes me paranoia. My goal is to focus more on important matters such as my kids and my health. It is also embarrassing to buy wraps or when unexpected company stops by. Also it drains me and leaves my lips dark. I have smoker friends so its going to be hard but i believe if i avoid the situations long enough then i can say no in the future. Good luck to everyone

    1. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website. When you are trying to quit anything it can be hard especially when you have friends who don’t want to quit. It would be for the best to try and avoid situations that will trigger you or allow you to give into temptation. That is not to say you should move to Antarctica, just while you are forming new habits try and avoid people who won’t understand or be supportive.

  7. I have decided to quit from today !! Reading all the posta made me realize that I’m not alone and that also strengthened me to know that there has been positive changes from quitting weed ! All the best for me lol

    1. Hi and congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking weed! You are certainly not alone and just remember why you have decided to stop smoking marijuana and what you stand to gain.
      If you want then feel free to comment again with a little bit of your back story about how you came to the decision that marijuana was no longer something that had a place in your life.
      Cheers and best of luck

    2. That’s awesome, and I wish you the best of luck. You are definitely not alone. Best of luck to you and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

  8. This is day two of not smoking. I made the decision to quit when I started to have chest pains because my anxiety and paranoia has taken it’s toll on my health. I use to do it to relax but now it puts me on edge. I’ve become a reclusive person, a shadow of the happy bubbly person I use to be. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it back to being that person but I’m glad I’m on the path to figuring out if I can be.
    I’ve been having trouble sleeping and when i do sleep, I have crazy dreams. Enough that I woke my roommate up screaming from the dream. My temper is huge but I’m trying hard to keep it in check. This is just a phase and I’ll get past it.

    1. Hi there,
      Congratulations on taking the first steps to not smoking weed anymore. It sounds like you are dedicated to making a change in your life.

  9. All of you are a bunch of sissies, you need to stop crying and pointing weed as an excuse for you own failure and bad desitions, people like you make potheads look like trash people who only want to get high, “boo oo i needed atention so i stopped smoking look at me i am better now” shut up Nigga, pas me that joint

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