17 Actionable Tips on How to Increase Willpower and Become a Better You

Learning to increase willpower is vital, especially when it comes to making a change in your life. Whether it’s deciding to give up a habit like smoking weed or as simple as getting into better shape. Having the willpower to stick to your goals is key to being successful. Just like a muscle, increasing your self control won’t happen overnight and your willpower needs to be developed and strengthened over time. It doesn’t have to happen overnight and it actually won’t happen right away, but is a gradual process that takes time, effort and concentration on your part.

Just like its name suggests, your self control is something that you do have the power to control and increase over time. No matter whether it’s to spend less money, get into better shape, it’s up to you to decide to make a change and then take action with the steps outlined below to start to control your life, instead of it controlling you.

17 Actionable Tips to Increase your Willpower

1.Make a Plan

Before you can ever hope to be successful at giving up a habit like smoking pot or anything else and making a positive change in your life. You need a plan, so sit down and take some time to think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. This is your road map that will help guide you and keep you on track when things start to get tough and you need to be reminded of where it is you are trying to get to. Having a solid plan is the first step in being successful at anything, so get out the pen and paper or fire up the laptop and get to writing.

2. Take Things one Step at a Time

Just like climbing a mountain, you will never reach your goals over night. You have to focus on taking things one step at a time. Don’t let the big picture overwhelm you and keep your goals in mind. Remember that it takes constant work on a daily basis to achieve any kind of meaningful change. If you don’t let yourself become overwhelmed and take many small steps then before you know it, you will be where you want to be.

3. Realize that Motivation is Temporary

Have you ever watched an especially inspiring movie, met someone who was seemingly so successful that it gave you a major burst of motivation, only to have it disappear a little while later? Well that just means that like the rest of us, you’re only human. While it’s always important to get inspired and pumped up, the truth is that motivation is only temporary and fleeting. In reality, doing anything worthwhile is going to be hard. Not to say it will be impossible but you have to be prepared to push through when it seems like you’re getting nowhere, because if you don’t, you will never get to where you want to be.

4. Put Money on the Line

Just like having an accountability group can be great for helping to keep you on track and a get to your goals. Another very effective strategy is to literally put your money where your mouth is. We all know that talking about doing something is fine and great but what about if you have to pay if you don’t follow through? The concept is simple, give a certain amount of money to friend, partner or someone that you trust and if you fail to follow through on your commitment then they will donate it to a cause that especially dislike. If can be anything really, a political organization that you disagree with, religious organization, or any cause that you particularly don’t like. The point is that doing this not only puts your money on the line, but also if you fail, then someone or something that you fundamentally disagree with will benefit from your failure. Now that’s what I call motivation!

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Let’s face it, when you’re exhausted your willpower is weakened and you may not be able to stay strong and stick to whatever goals who set for yourself. Do whatever you can to make sure that you are getting a minimum of 7 hours and ideally 8 plus hours of quality sleep every night. This will help you be mentally fresh and ready to face the challenges of each day with a positive attitude.

6. Organize your Life and Clean up the Clutter

This may seem overwhelming at first but even setting aside as little as ten minutes everyday to clean and organize can make a huge difference. Gets rid of the old clothes you no longer wear, organize your personal space and try and find a home for everything. That way you’re never frantically searching for that favorite shirt or where you left the keys. Which in turn leaves more mental and physical energy to focus on achieving your goals.

  1. Diet and health

Your health is always important but when you’re trying to make an important change in your life it can become even more important. When you are tired, hungry and out of shape your willpower will be lower and you will be more susceptible to giving into temptation. Make sure you are getting plenty of high quality sleep, eating as healthy as you can and trying to exercise as regularly as possible. This will help keep you feeling your best which in turn, frees up more energy to focus on achieving your goals.

8. Avoid Decision Fatigue

Maybe you’ve heard how Facebook Founder and CEO famously only wears grey shirt to work everyday? If you have then you may have wondered what the heck a billionaire is doing wearing something that is, shall we say, less than the height of fashion? It turns out that there’s actually a really good reason for it. There’s something that’s called decision fatigue.  Basically what that means is that your willpower and self control are finite. As you go through your busy day you are constantly making lots of small and often unimportant decisions. What should you eat for breakfast, what you will  wear to work, what route should to drive, should you go out for lunch or bring it from home, you get the picture. The more of these small micro decisions you can minimize than the more willpower you will “save” for the really important stuff. Like are you going to do what’s best for you in the long run even if it’s hard. Or are you going to cave and fall back into your old habits. It doesn’t mean that you have to only wear grey shirts from now on but as much as possible try and plan the mundane everyday things out in advance as much as possible.

9. Embrace the suck and Discomfort

When you are trying to make a change in your life, especially something like giving up a major vice. It’s going to be hard and sometimes it may be uncomfortable. The sooner you can learn to embrace the “suck factor” and mentally be prepared to be uncomfortable, the better chance you stand of making a temporary change into a permanent one.

10. Set Realistic Goals

Lets face it, we all want to make changes but sometimes the difference between what we want to achieve and what we actually are willing to do in order to achieve our goals can lead to creating unrealistic expectations. When you do do this then you are setting yourself up for failure before even starting. Instead, at the beginning set realistic, smaller incremental goals. This gives you something to work towards and when you actually reach your goal then it helps to positively reinforces the idea that you can achieve what you set out to do. Then once the goals start to become easier, it’s time to start to stretch out your willpower so that you are always pushing yourself just a little bit harder.

11. Build Positive Habits to Replace the Bad ones

When you are going through a stressful period of growth where you are trying to remove a negative habit such as quitting weed, it’s vital to also be introducing good habits that you enjoy and also help to relax you. Build in and set aside time for fun and relaxing activities. It doesn’t matter what it is, just make it something that you enjoy and always feel better after having done.

12. Use the Power of Imagination

When you harness the power of your imagination then it’s just one more tool that’s in your tool chest to help develop your will. When you can imagine and vividly see yourself overcoming the temptation to get high and smoke a joint or whatever else it is you want to accomplish. Then you will just be adding to your ability to exercise self discipline and say no to temptation.

13. Have a Support Group

A support group can have a huge impact on keeping you on track and not falling off the wagon. It can be your friends, family, a local support group, or an online community like this website but the bottom line is that the more people you have on your side then the greater the likelihood that you will be successful. One thing to keep in mind is that it is important that you only try to enlist the help of people who will actually be supportive. If you are trying to get your stoner friends to help be your support group for giving up smoking pot then they might be be as receptive to you wanting to make the change as say, a local Marijuana Anonymous group for example.

14. Avoid Being Around Temptation

It may seem like it goes without saying but when you are trying to make a behavior change it is a good idea to try and avoid placing yourself in a situation that presents you with more temptation than you can handle. Make sure that while you are still going through the process of ingraining a new habit you don’t set yourself up to fail before the new positive habit becomes permanent.

15. Reward Your Progress

It is vitally important to make sure that you are rewarding yourself for making progress. After you have set a goal and then attained it, do something to reward yourself. It can be watching a funny movie, eating an ice cream cone or anything else that you will enjoy. The important thing is that you give yourself something to both reward and mark your success.

16. Forgive Yourself if You Stumble

We are all human and on your road to becoming free from smoking weed, you may stumble and give into temptation. If that happens then it’s not the end of the world and you have to be able to forgive yourself and get back on track. Everyone fails, everyone stumbles but the difference between people who fail and people who succeed is that successful people get back up after they fall down and get back on track. A failure is only a failure if you let it keep your from continually working towards your goal, instead, brush yourself off and keep on working towards your goal.

17. Don’t Give Up

This one may seem obvious but it needs to be mentioned. Ultimately whether or not you are going to be successful comes down to how much you actually want to be successful. There will always be struggles and pitfalls but the only way to reach your goals is to want to succeed more than anything. It’s not always going to be easy, especially when you first decide to stop smoking weed or any other difficult thing you want to give up. It is going to be hard at first but you have to keep in mind that the only way to reach your goals is to put in the effort.

There you have it.

I hope that you enjoyed these 17 tips to help to grow and strengthen your willpower. These tips apply not only to quitting to smoke weed but also to all areas of your life. Remember, if you want to make positive changes in your life then, it’s not always going to be easy and especially at first it will be difficult and uncomfortable. However the long term benefits of being a better, stronger and more successful person far outweigh the initial struggles you experience.

Any ideas on how to help increase willpower? Share them in the comments below!

16 Positive Benefits of Quitting Weed that May Surprise and Motivate you

Here are just some of the positive benefits of quitting weed that may both surprise you and also help provide inspiration to help you decide to make a change and give up marijuana. Or if you have recently quit smoking, give you the motivation you need to stay strong and stick to your goal of no longer getting high.

16 Amazing Benefits of Quitting Weed for Good

More Mental Clarity: When I was smoking weed every day, multiple times a day, to be honest, I wasn’t the brightest most alert person. One of the most immediate benefits I noticed was that I was much more mentally sharp, my memory was better and overall I just felt like my brain wasn’t running at 25% capacity because I was baked out of my mind.

Save Thousands of $$$: It can be easy to not realize how much you are actually spending in total on smoking weed. Every day, week month and year the little bits that are spent on buying weed, gas to drive to go buy the weed, junk food that you wouldn’t buy if you weren’t stoned, accessories like grinders, scales, papers, pipes, and bongs can add up to amazing large amounts of money. This is especially alarming when you think about what else this money could be spent on. Whether it’s an investment that grows over time, a course that increases your skill set and makes you more employable or even on a trip or something nice that you would enjoy. The money that you spend on weed is basically wasted and as soon as the high starts to fade, the value of the money that you spent is non-existence.

Avoid Possible Legal Trouble: Marijuana is still illegal in most states and is considered to be an illegal drug by the federal government. Every time you buy weed or drive with it in your car, you are opening yourself up to the potential to be arrested and charged with drug possession. This can lead to jail time, probation and costly legal fees that can add up quickly. Not to mention that if charged with a drug possession, you may have a permanent black mark on your record that can haunt you for years to come and may make you ineligible for some jobs. Especially if you are in a state with strict anti drug laws like  Oklahoma where you can be given a life sentence for marijuana cultivation. Or Texas where over 77,000 people are arrested every year for possession and you can face up to $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail even if it’s your first offense!

Improved Self Esteem: If you’re constantly getting stoned, your life starts to revolve around marijuana. Deep down you may know that getting high all the time isn’t something that makes you a better person and you probably should be using your time and money on better things. This feeling of being a “failure” can start to drag down your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Which is why, when you quit getting high and start making changes in your life for the better, one of the best benefits of quitting weed is that you will start to feel better about yourself and the choices that you’re making and the direction your life is going.

More Stable Emotions: When you smoke pot on a frequent basis it can, even in small ways, start to affect your emotional balance and stability make you more easily irritated and annoyed. Once you have quit smoking weed for long enough, you will notice that one of the benefits of quitting weed is that you will no longer be as easily irritated by small things or always thinking in the back of your mind about when you will be able to get high again.

No More Association with Shady People or Unambitious People: While it’s certainly not the case that everyone who smokes weed is a criminal or that your friendly neighborhood weed dealer is really the next Walter White. You will still meet and be around people with whom you may not otherwise also associate with if you weren’t into smoking weed. They also may not be the best crowd to hang out with. As they say, ” You are the sum of your five closest friends” and smoking weed and hanging out with people who are also heavy marijuana smokers can keep you from being as ambitious and driven as you might be if you, instead were hanging out with people who were also goal oriented and trying to be the best that they could be in life.

Almost Immediate Weight Loss: When you smoke weed, you get the munchies. Salty, sugary junk food loaded with carbs, devoid of any real nutritional value and full of artificial flavors? Yes, please! That’s basically what I was like when I would get stoned. I would smoke some weed, veg out in front of the TV and chow down on some awesome tasting but super unhealthy junk food. Luckily, I have a fast metabolism and also like to work out so things sort of balanced out and I never got fat, but after I quit smoking and stopped eating junk food, I immediately began to notice that I was leaning up.

Better and More Restful Sleep: Ever go to bed completely baked out of you mind, sleep for 9 hours, finally wake up after hitting the snooze button ten times only to feel just as tired and groggy as when you went to bed? When you’re constantly getting stoned, it increases the amount sleep that you need, while also decreasing the quality of the sleep that you do get. This means that you will be less alert and rested even after getting a full night of sleep. Which is why getting more restful and truly restorative sleep is probably one of the biggest benefits of quitting weed that you will start to notice almost immediately after you have quit.

Improved Health: In moderation, most things aren’t really too bad for your health and well being. However, if you frequently abuse marijuana, over time it can begin to hurt your health. Whether it’s decreased memory and learning from getting high, bad eating habits and poor diet from getting the “munchies”. To less obvious but just as important things like your happiness, overall well being and psychological side effects of feeling dependent on weed not being truly free and fulfilled in your life and living up to your full potential. When you give up marijuana these are just a few of the many benefits of quitting weed that you will experience and be able to almost immediately see in your life.

No More Paranoia: Ever been putting some smoke in the hair and have your doorbell ring and freak out because of the smell? Or wonder if when you’re out in public while being stoned if everyone around you knows that you’re high? When you stop smoking, one of the best benefits of quitting weed is that you don’t have to worry about that any of that anymore.

More Free Time: You may not realize it but smoking pot can take up a lot of your time. Whether it’s going to buy weed or the time you spend actually getting high, it can start to add up. That’s not even including the wasted time that you may spend watching TV or playing video games that could be better spent doing something fun or more productive.

More Emotionally Connected: Smoking weed heavily can start to make you “numb” and emotionally disconnected. You may not even realize it at first but it can start to have negative consequences on your relationships with the people that you care about. Especially to your romantic partner, because if you’re stoned constantly then chances are that you aren’t going to be able to connect with them and develop or maintain a truly honest and emotionally healthy relationship.

A Better Social Life: While some people do get together with other people to hang out and get high, overall I would say that marijuana makes you less likely to go out and be social. This is especially true if you are more naturally introverted and are already less likely to be super social and go out and put yourself into situations where you might have to meet new people and have new experiences.

No More Damage to Your Lungs: Even though smoking marijuana isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes in terms of the negative side effects, smoking weed still isn’t good for your lungs by any stretch of the imagination. When you stop smoking weed for good, it allows your lungs to begin to clear out, makes aerobic exercise easier, which in turn means that you can work out for longer periods of time which then helps improve your overall health.

More Motivation: When you get stoned, it can kill your motivation and make you lethargic and lead to wasting time on things that aren’t productive or actually enjoyable or rewarding in the long run. One of the biggest things you will start to notice after you quit getting high is that you will have more energy and motivation to instead use your time better. We all have a limited amount of free time, so you might as well use it to do things that you really enjoy and are more productive than just sitting around and wasting time on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

Better Job Prospects and Earning Potential: Not only do most employers screen for drugs, including marijuana but also do random drug tests as well as test after accidents and injuries that occur on the job. When you no longer smoke weed and have detoxed the last of the THC from your system, then you no longer have to worry about failing a drug test at your current job which is just one of the many other benefits of quitting weed that you will experience. Or even worse, see a posting for your dream job only to not apply because you know they will screen for drugs and you will test positive for THC.

Closing Thoughts

While marijuana itself, when used in moderation, is really not that harmful, like many other things if taken to an extreme and that’s when habitually getting high and smoking weed multiples times a day every day can really start to compound and have a bad effect on your life. Whether it’s your mental state and cognitive function, finances, career growth, social life or physical health it may be time to really think about how smoking weed is affecting your life and if it’s helping you achieve your goals or is something that is holding you back and needs to be left behind.


Is Driving High Safe?

Is Driving High Safe To Do?

As the debate over the legalization of marijuana continues, the question of is  driving high safe has become a big issue and depending on the source, the answer varies. Many advocates of marijuana legalization have made the argument that while driving high is not as safe as being sober, when compared to driving drunk the dangers of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of pot are much less significant. This is not to say that driving high is entirely safe, as the impairment of being stoned certainly does have an impact on the ability of the driver to react to a potential accident.

How Is Driving High Dangerous

THC which is the chemical in marijuana that gets you stoned has a number of effects on the brain that can have dangerous implications for driving while high. THC effects the areas of the brain that control coordination, balance, movement, sensations and judgement. All of these things are good to have, especially when making quick decisions and reacting to other drivers while operating a motor vehicle at high speeds. Which means that it might be a good idea to stop smoking weed well before getting into a car to drive somewhere. However the research into the question of is driving high safe is still far from complete and much more work still needs to be done to understand the exact effects that THC has on the brain and to what extent being stoned impairs a drivers ability to react and drive safely. According to a recent journal by NORML which is an organization that works to help reform marijuana laws in the U.S, driving while high can pose some serious risks that should not be ignored.  According to the author of the journal Paul Armentano while “acute cannabis intoxication following inhalation has been shown to mildly impair psychomotor skills” because these impairment are usually short term they don’t pose as much of a risk as other drugs or alcohol. This is not to say that there are not still significant risks and dangers associated with being stoned driving high is certainly not safe as any level of impairment in a potentially life or death situation where surviving depends on reaction time could be the difference between escaping an accident or being seriously injured yourself. Or even worse still, being the cause of someone else getting injured. So don’t pull a Cheech and Chong and light up while driving down the street, I know all of the other motorist trying to safely get home will appreciate it and keep this in mind next time your wondering is driving high safe to do.


How to Quit Smoking Weed by Building Will Power

When in comes to confronting the problem of how to quit smoking weed the power of the will should never be underestimated. If you are properly motivated and prepared to actually quit marijuana and stick out the first few rough days  before you stop smoking then the likelihood of you being successful is going to be much higher.

Quit Marijuana In Small Steps

If you’re currently smoking way to much weed and are or have been  wondering how to quit smoking weed and don’t know where to start then building up your will power to quit marijuana in small steps can be a good way to begin. Maybe you have heard the saying ” a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”? Well what this means when applied to how to the problem of how to quit smoking weed for good is that in order to be successful you have to focus on winning one battle at a time.

How to Quit Smoking Weed One Bowl At A Time

If you still are smoking right now then begin to immediately put some limits of how much and how often you smoke. While using the gradual weaning process is a good way for some to quit marijuana it is not going to be a successful strategy for some people. The main thing that beginning to limit the amount you smoke before you finally quit marijuana does for you is that it gets you used to saying no to your cravings which is a very important psychological factor because remember, weed is all in your head.

Quit Weed and Say No to Addiction

The only addiction is the one that you allow to remain, once you get through the initial stages and have successfully quit marijuana for a few days. The smoke will have begun to clear from your brain and you are beginning to experience the world fully once again, it will be obvious that you don’t need to smoke weed anymore to have fun. In fact when you quit marijuana the reverse is actually going to happen. When you are sober and sharp things are actually for me at least much better, when your stoned it desensitizes you to just about everything around you and limits what you actually experience. Just try it and watch a funny movie stone sober and see if its still not enjoyable. Sure there’s no denying that some things are heightened by smoking marijuana but when it comes to real life and the effect that being stoned may have on your future, is being a stoner  really how you want to live? Are you sure that the benefits of feeling high are worth the negative impact it is having on your life by draining your finances, making you mentally dull, unmotivated, and hurting your lungs. So don’t be afraid to take the jump and quit marijuana and see for your self how to quit smoking weed and still enjoy life just as much.


Stop Smoking Weed By Making New Friends

 When You Stop Smoking Weed Don’t Hang With the same Crowd

When you are about to stop smoking weed or already have, one very important thing to remember is how important who you hang out with is. If your the only one in your group of friends that smoke that is asking themselves “should I stop smoking pot?” then when you do decide to finally kick the habit, make a positive change and stop smoking weed. Chances are that the people that you used to hang out with wont be the best group to be around or more importantly be the right place for you to get the understanding or support that you need to be successful in your quest to stop smoking weed.

Separate Real Friends From Smoke Buddies

When you do decide to give up smoking weed you will probably get one of two reactions from your friends. The first will be that they don’t understand why someone would want to stop smoking weed in the first place and maybe even resent your imitative to break free of the the addiction of marijuana and move on with your life. The second reaction will be that they understand what you are feeling and can be supportive of you like a real friend should. This will help you separate the people that you just used to party and get high with from the people that you are genuinely friends with.

Stop Smoking Weed and Start a New Chapter

while you are going through the process of starting fresh and have decided to stop smoking weed this is a great opportunity to have new experiences by being around different people who don’t smoke weed. This is very important because when you stop smoking weed you have to fill that now empty space in your life with something to keep you busy. Why now do things that are exciting and new.  When you think about it getting high is the most exciting thing about getting high because it usually demotivates you too much to do anything exciting. This is why hanging out with positive people who don’t smoke weed is one of the best ways to stop smoking weed and stay sober.

Be Honest About Wanting to Stop Smoking Weed.

The best thing to do is be honest, say to your friend that you used to smoke with. I am planning to stop smoking weed and until I feel like I can be around you I don’t think its a good idea. You don’t have to feel bad because its very important that you not be around the people and things that can trigger a relapse. Just imagine how easy it would be to give into a craving when your hanging around people who are smoking weed in front of you. If they are your friend then they will understand and there should be no reason you cant be be around them once you are fully over smoking weed. Just remember that you are trying to make your self a better person by deciding to stop smoking weed and the more things you can do to help your self the better.