how to help a friend quit smoking weed

How to Help a Friend If they are Addicted to Smoking Weed

Sometime when we are going down the wrong path it in life it can be hard to see how something is hurting us while it is obvious to those around us. Maybe you have a friend, family member or loved one who has gone from smoking marijuana on a recreational basis to let it become something that is affecting their life in a major way. It can be hard to watch someone that you love do something that keeps them from reaching their full potential in life, especially if they are someone that you care about. For many people, smoking pot is just not a big deal and is something that is fun to do on occasion or they even use marijuana on a regular basis but are still highly effective in their life’s. For other people unfortunately in can slowly creep up and start to become something that their life revolves around to the detriment of everything else. Whether it is their friendships, careers, romantic relationships or just the enjoyment of living life to its fullest extent.

If you have someone in your life that you feel is letting marijuana take a central role in their life and is letting other more important things take a back seat then you may want to consider letting them know. This is not to say that a full blown reality TV style intervention is needed. Just that maybe having a conversation about how you are seeing them smoking weed is hurting their life. Sometimes offering an opinion as someone who cares about them and letting them know what you are seeing from an outside perspective can help a person see what they cannot.

Know the Signs Of Dependence on Marijauna

Smoking weed is every once in a while is one thing but if it has become something that they do instead of go out with friends, exercise, learn a skill that will benefit their career advancement or go do something fun. Then these may be signs that what started as a hobby may have become a dependence on getting high and smoking pot.

How to Tell Your Friend You are Worried They are Dependent one Marijuana

If you do have a friend that you know is letting weed hurt their life in some way then letting them know how this makes you feel can be a good option. However this is not to say that you should do it in a confrontational way. If someone has become addicted or dependent one smoking weed they may not be open to what you have to say if it is done in the wrong way. It is best to come from a place of care and concern while letting this person know that while you are not judging them you can see how them getting high has negatively impacted their life.

How not to Do an Intervention

What you don’t want to do is make it a big public ordeal that turns into a shameful ordeal. You are not trying to make the person who care about feel shame, but rather see things from your perspective as to how, maybe what they thought was a benign habit of smoking pot has become an actually dependence on marijuana.

What to Do Instead

  • Come from a place on care and concern
  • Have a clear list of how smoking pot is hurting their life
  • Let they person know how their use of marijuana has affected your relationship
  • Don’t cave if they deny that weed is not a big deal but rather focus on how you have seen it affecting them
  • Offer your support and help in them getting their life on track
  • Make a list or better yet get resources to help them. This can be websites like this blog, books about addiction. Or even offering to go with them to a meeting like marijuana anonymous.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not trying to confront the person solely for the sake of being confrontational, but rather to let them know that you care about them and maybe getting high all the time isn’t the best thing for them. Ultimately if someone doesn’t want to change then they won’t and it’s not until they have the desire to make a change themselves. You can just be there as someone who cares about them and can offer an outside perspective on how smoking weed may be affecting their life’s in a negative way.

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