How to Stop Smoking Weed Daily Blog-Day 1 of 30

Today is the day that I will stop smoking pot and will be moving forward into a new, pot free part of my life. I have been using marijuana to varying degrees since I was in my late teens and then now into my young adult life. For myself it has always been my Achilles heel, I can take or leave alchohol, I don’t smoke but smoking weed has always been something that I have honestly had a  hard time controlling. For me smoking weed is something that I used to not deal with my responsibilities to the fullest extend of my abilities and of course I can and am only speaking about my own personal experience with the negative side effects of smoking weed that I have had and am trying to not let happen again. I know that there are many smart, ambitious people who smoke pot and don’t have a problem, I however am not a person who can balance both being super productive and still smoking marijuana on a daily basis. I would say that I am a pretty smart person but when I am high I feel like its a completely different story. I go from being focused and quick witted to just plain dumb and disorganized, which is not a trend that I want to continue into my adult life. I want more for myself and I feel like for far too long I have used smoking weed as an excuse to not live up to my full potential and actually do something meaningful and worthwhile with my time. Which is why I have decided that I will stop smoking weed from here on out and actually put my money where my mouth is and follow through on quitting smoking pot and become the person that I know I can be. So I would like to say thank you for reading this as I start my journey of no longer smoking weed. I will be posting everyday and maybe more as I document the first thirty days of how I will quit smoking weed for good.

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