Glad I Quit Smoking Weed-Day 3

Today is the third day after I have quit smoking weed and while I don’t feel 100% normal yet I am beginning to feel better. Some people report going through major mood swings and depression when they first stop smoking weed but thus far I think my mood has been pretty consistent. Last night was probably the best that I have slept in a long time even though I was a little rough when I fist got up things got better. I have been trying to fill my time with productive things so I have been hitting the gym everyday first thing in the morning. This has really helped me to stop smoking weed because working out has always been something that I loved doing and I always feel a million times better after a workout. It also also puts me in a positive mental state and makes being productive and happy the rest of the day much easier so I plan on continuing to exercise quite a bit.

Stop Smoking Weed and Be Prepared To Be Bored

Now that I have quit smoking weed and my brain is detoxing from the THC I am seeing how much of my free time was taken up by just getting high. Now that I am not smoking weed anymore doing the same routine, work, school, get blazed seems so boring and I have been trying hard to keep myself busy and not just sitting around thinking about how much fun it would be to go get a sack and get blazed the rest of the night. Smoking weed dulled my senses and made me watch tv shows and movies that I would normally think were retarded, I used to read all the time and love watching documentaries which is something that I have really been enjoying getting back into. It seems like when I was smoking weed all the time not only was the pot making me dumb but it also dumb ed down the information that I would put into my brain which has a ripple effect. Not good, but I’m getting back to normal which has been really nice.

Still Following the THC Detox Diet

I have been trying to follow a pretty strict detox diet to try to get the THC out of my system quicker. I don’t have to take any drug tests so its not for that its just that I am trying to get back to normal as quick as I can. For breakfast I have been starting off with fruit and then a couple of eggs, then some whey protein for a morning snack. Then for my other meals I usually do steamed vegetables and grilled chicken breast and I bought some dates and yogurt for dessert. Its amazing that now I’m not smoking weed anymore my cravings for sweets has almost gone away entirely. Normally I am pretty careful about what I eat and because I have always worked out I naturally like to eat pretty good. When I smoked weed I constantly craved sugary junk foods which became both bad for my health and bad for my wallet. I was spending all this money on buying weed and then on top of that I would shell out five bucks for just candy and fast food, things I hardly ever used to eat. It just feels nice getting back to normal and feeling healthy and balanced again both mentally and physically.


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  1. Uplifting and a strength please hit us up with further progress I’m on day 4 ATM n can relate well to this post. Have already moved from watching trash to more stimulating program’s n reading but there is a perceived boredom about actually doing some work, though I’m also improving my physical condition. As a student I need to be able to recapture my former glories and study hard, i suffered from anxiety due to my weed consumption and I’ve “quit” before but refuse to go back this time; I would rather be a leader in my field. But yeah, any tips on working hard/concentrating on things again? Do you have any space in your philosophy for the role of God in helping you? Thanks

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Congratulations on quitting weed and making it to day four and don’t give up, the addiction is broken and now you just have to change your habits to fill the time that was spent on smoking marijuana. Its important that you keep your self busy and start to build new habits and activities that keep you from getting bored and just going back to smoking again.
      Maybe to help with the concentration start to exercise. There is nothing like a good workout to get blood circulating to the brain and is a great way to both get endorphins but will also help clear brain fog. Some kind of mindfulness, breathing, meditation, or yoga is a great way to gradually build up concentration as well as providing a good outlet for stress and nerves. Find something that your passionate about and you love doing or learning about. It can be a new hobby, starting a business, collecting Hot Wheels, its just important to do things that you enjoy that also keep you busy.
      One important thing I should mention is the only way your ability to concentrate will improve is if you work at it every day. The brain is just like a muscle and at first it will feel awkward but you have to push through that and before you know it you will feel normal again. Most people say it takes about a month to really get over heavy smoking.
      Hope this helps and I think I might do a full post about how to help your brain recover from the effects of smoking marijuana.

  2. Hi I’m on day four now, I’m doing exactly what your doing funnily enough, did u stick to it mate was quite a bit ago this post, hope u did 🙂

    1. Congratulations on making it to day four, the hardest part is over and now its just a matter of building new habits and patterns. yes I am still clean and loving life. Thanks for your kind words and I wish you the best of luck on your journey

  3. Am almost done with day three no mood swings a bit of cravings but not as bad as I had thought when I decided to quit. I am a young woman and decided changes need to be made. New job is number one reason but I want to feel more healthy and be more active. The insomnia part is killing me though had to cuddle my bf last night and try to copy his breathing to help me sleep it did work I slept like 6 hours but the night before I didn’t get any sleep at all this is the hardest part because I have always slept good. I do feel a little nauseous and my appetite is not anywhere near as much as I thought it used to be. If I can get my sleep back on track then I feel this quitting thing will be a piece of cake any advice?

    1. Hi,
      The good news is that the side effects that you’re are experiencing are definitely temporary and usually don’t last for more than a week. In my experience after a few days of not being able to sleep well you can fall asleep easily simply because of being so tired. It sounds like with the support of your bf and a new job to keep you motivated you are well on your way to starting this new chapter in your life.
      Good luck and feel free to stop back by with an update of how things are now.

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