First Day of Cravings For Weed-Day 4

Today is day three of my thirty day journey where I explain what I have learned about how to stop smoking weed and chronicle my ups and downs as I quit smoking weed for good. Thus far I have surprisingly enough, not had that many cravings for smoking weed. I have however dealt with many of the symptoms of marijuana withdraw like insomnia, slight irritability,  and lack of appetite but I haven’t really had a real desire to smoke. Well today was the first day that I have had a real desire to say screw it and buy some weed.

My Marijuana Withdraw Cravings Start

During the day while I was staying busy I didn’t really have any thoughts about smoking weed but in the evening when I was just relaxing at home I began to have my first real battle with that little voice that wants me to start smoking again and return to my stoner ways.  I am proud to say however that I remained strong and just ignored my cravings and was successful in getting through another day of not smoking weed without giving in. I am slowing starting to build up my mental resistance and ability to say no.

What I am Doing To Deal With Marijuana Withdraw Cravings

One of the biggest difference between what I am doing to quit smoking weed now and what I did in the past when I tried to stop smoking weed is that I have a plan for dealing with the cravings. It seems like whenever I am bored at home is when I get cravings the worst so I am doing my best to stay busy and keep my mind from having too much time to think about how much I want to get blazed.

  • Exercise. I have always been an athlete and have enjoyed staying in shape. Even when I smoked weed every day, but as I became more addicted to smoking weed I gradually began to not work out as much as I normally would. So I have been getting myself into the habit of working out first thing every day. This has been a big help because it always makes me feel great and puts me in a good mental state for the rest of the day.
  • Meditation. While I’m definitely not a Yogi and don’t really have any intention of traveling to India to seek enlightenment I have been noticing some benefit of daily meditation. It seems to really help to keep me focused and help deal with the anxiety of detoxing the THC out of my body and get my mind used to not being stoned.
  • Writing. The main reason that I started this blog was to have a place where I could share my story and help to keep myself accountable to my goal quitting smoking weed. This has really helped because it makes me mentally go through and make conscious the reason that I want to stop smoking weed.
  • Remembering Why I Don’t Want to Smoke Weed Any More. In the past I have both tried to quit smoking weed and actually quit only to go right back and resume smoking again. Some times for a day or two and once for a week only to cave into the cravings and go back to smoking weed. This time I made a list of all the reason why I don’t want to smoke weed anymore and have been using it to remind myself why I quit and to stay strong in the face of cravings.

So far all of these things have been really helping me to quit weed for good and be able to face life without the haze and brain fog of being stoned.


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