Documentary About One Man’s Marijuana Addiction and the Road to Sobriety

Learning From the Struggle and Story of a Recovering Marijuana Addict

I recently stumbled a crossed the documentary by a man named David Goldenkranz. The documentary is called Marijuana: A Second Class Addiction. I personally found it to be both very inspirational but also educational. Because, in the documentary he is recording his road to recovery through both his own words as well as through interviews with people in his life who have seen his struggle and felt the repercussions of his actions and addiction to marijuana. He also interviews various experts who share their opinions regarding marijuana addiction. In doing this documentary David Golderkranz has opened himself up to the cameras and lets the viewers see his struggle first hand as he continues to battle the desire to keep getting high. Even after he has gone nearly an entire year of sobriety from smoking weed. It’s definitely a good watch but also not too long, so it can be easily watched in one sitting.

I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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