16 Positive Benefits of Quitting Weed that May Surprise and Motivate you

Here are just some of the positive benefits of quitting weed that may both surprise you and also help provide inspiration to help you decide to make a change and give up marijuana. Or if you have recently quit smoking, give you the motivation you need to stay strong and stick to your goal of no longer getting high.

16 Amazing Benefits of Quitting Weed for Good

More Mental Clarity: When I was smoking weed every day, multiple times a day, to be honest, I wasn’t the brightest most alert person. One of the most immediate benefits I noticed was that I was much more mentally sharp, my memory was better and overall I just felt like my brain wasn’t running at 25% capacity because I was baked out of my mind.

Save Thousands of $$$: It can be easy to not realize how much you are actually spending in total on smoking weed. Every day, week month and year the little bits that are spent on buying weed, gas to drive to go buy the weed, junk food that you wouldn’t buy if you weren’t stoned, accessories like grinders, scales, papers, pipes, and bongs can add up to amazing large amounts of money. This is especially alarming when you think about what else this money could be spent on. Whether it’s an investment that grows over time, a course that increases your skill set and makes you more employable or even on a trip or something nice that you would enjoy. The money that you spend on weed is basically wasted and as soon as the high starts to fade, the value of the money that you spent is non-existence.

Avoid Possible Legal Trouble: Marijuana is still illegal in most states and is considered to be an illegal drug by the federal government. Every time you buy weed or drive with it in your car, you are opening yourself up to the potential to be arrested and charged with drug possession. This can lead to jail time, probation and costly legal fees that can add up quickly. Not to mention that if charged with a drug possession, you may have a permanent black mark on your record that can haunt you for years to come and may make you ineligible for some jobs. Especially if you are in a state with strict anti drug laws like ¬†Oklahoma where you can be given a life sentence for marijuana cultivation. Or Texas where over 77,000 people are arrested every year for possession and you can face up to $2,000 in fines and 180 days in jail even if it’s your first offense!

Improved Self Esteem: If you’re constantly getting stoned, your life starts to revolve around marijuana. Deep down you may know that getting high all the time isn’t something that makes you a better person and you probably should be using your time and money on better things. This feeling of being a “failure” can start to drag down your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Which is why, when you quit getting high and start making changes in your life for the better, one of the best benefits of quitting weed is that you will start to feel better about yourself and the choices that you’re making and the direction your life is going.

More Stable Emotions: When you smoke pot on a frequent basis it can, even in small ways, start to affect your emotional balance and stability make you more easily irritated and annoyed. Once you have quit smoking weed for long enough, you will notice that one of the benefits of quitting weed is that you will no longer be as easily irritated by small things or always thinking in the back of your mind about when you will be able to get high again.

No More Association with Shady People or Unambitious People: While it’s certainly not the case that everyone who smokes weed is a criminal or that your friendly neighborhood weed dealer is really the next Walter White. You will still meet and be around people with whom you may not otherwise also associate with if you weren’t into smoking weed. They also may not be the best crowd to hang out with. As they say, ” You are the sum of your five closest friends” and smoking weed and hanging out with people who are also heavy marijuana smokers can keep you from being as ambitious and driven as you might be if you, instead were hanging out with people who were also goal oriented and trying to be the best that they could be in life.

Almost Immediate Weight Loss: When you smoke weed, you get the munchies. Salty, sugary junk food loaded with carbs, devoid of any real nutritional value and full of artificial flavors? Yes, please! That’s basically what I was like when I would get stoned. I would smoke some weed, veg out in front of the TV and chow down on some awesome tasting but super unhealthy junk food. Luckily, I have a fast metabolism and also like to work out so things sort of balanced out and I never got fat, but after I quit smoking and stopped eating junk food, I immediately began to notice that I was leaning up.

Better and More Restful Sleep: Ever go to bed completely baked out of you mind, sleep for 9 hours, finally wake up after hitting the snooze button ten times only to feel just as tired and groggy as when you went to bed? When you’re constantly getting stoned, it increases the amount sleep that you need, while also decreasing the quality of the sleep that you do get. This means that you will be less alert and rested even after getting a full night of sleep. Which is why getting more restful and truly restorative sleep is probably one of the biggest benefits of quitting weed that you will start to notice almost immediately after you have quit.

Improved Health: In moderation, most things aren’t really too bad for your health and well being. However, if you frequently abuse marijuana, over time it can begin to hurt your health. Whether it’s decreased memory and learning from getting high, bad eating habits and poor diet from getting the “munchies”. To less obvious but just as important things like your happiness, overall well being and psychological side effects of feeling dependent on weed not being truly free and fulfilled in your life and living up to your full potential. When you give up marijuana these are just a few of the many benefits of quitting weed that you will experience and be able to almost immediately see in your life.

No More Paranoia: Ever been putting some smoke in the hair and have your doorbell ring and freak out because of the smell? Or wonder if when you’re out in public while being stoned if everyone around you knows that you’re high? When you stop smoking, one of the best benefits of quitting weed is that you don’t have to worry about that any of that anymore.

More Free Time: You may not realize it but smoking pot can take up a lot of your time. Whether it’s going to buy weed or the time you spend actually getting high, it can start to add up. That’s not even including the wasted time that you may spend watching TV or playing video games that could be better spent doing something fun or more productive.

More Emotionally Connected: Smoking weed heavily can start to make you “numb” and emotionally disconnected. You may not even realize it at first but it can start to have negative consequences on your relationships with the people that you care about. Especially to your romantic partner, because if you’re stoned constantly then chances are that you aren’t going to be able to connect with them and develop or maintain a truly honest and emotionally healthy relationship.

A Better Social Life: While some people do get together with other people to hang out and get high, overall I would say that marijuana makes you less likely to go out and be social. This is especially true if you are more naturally introverted and are already less likely to be super social and go out and put yourself into situations where you might have to meet new people and have new experiences.

No More Damage to Your Lungs: Even though smoking marijuana isn’t as bad as smoking cigarettes in terms of the negative side effects, smoking weed still isn’t good for your lungs by any stretch of the imagination. When you stop smoking weed for good, it allows your lungs to begin to clear out, makes aerobic exercise easier, which in turn means that you can work out for longer periods of time which then helps improve your overall health.

More Motivation: When you get stoned, it can kill your motivation and make you lethargic and lead to wasting time on things that aren’t productive or actually enjoyable or rewarding in the long run. One of the biggest things you will start to notice after you quit getting high is that you will have more energy and motivation to instead use your time better. We all have a limited amount of free time, so you might as well use it to do things that you really enjoy and are more productive than just sitting around and wasting time on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

Better Job Prospects and Earning Potential: Not only do most employers screen for drugs, including marijuana but also do random drug tests as well as test after accidents and injuries that occur on the job. When you no longer smoke weed and have detoxed the last of the THC from your system, then you no longer have to worry about failing a drug test at your current job which is just one of the many other benefits of quitting weed that you will experience. Or even worse, see a posting for your dream job only to not apply because you know they will screen for drugs and you will test positive for THC.

Closing Thoughts

While marijuana itself, when used in moderation, is really not that harmful, like many other things if taken to an extreme and that’s when habitually getting high and smoking weed multiples times a day every day can really start to compound and have a bad effect on your life. Whether it’s your mental state and cognitive function, finances, career growth, social life or physical health it may be time to really think about how smoking weed is affecting your life and if it’s helping you achieve your goals or is something that is holding you back and needs to be left behind.


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