25 Ways to Instantly Beat Depression After Quitting Weed

25 Ways to Absolutely Crush Depression After Weed Withdraw

For many people, it’s not uncommon to experience some depression after weed when they stop smoking marijuana after having been smoking heavily for a while. Luckily though, this period of depression after weed is usually pretty short and after a few weeks of detoxing the THC from your system, you will be back to normal and feeling great again.

Some of these things are going to be contradictory to each other. This is because everyone is different and something that may work for you in one situation or mood, may not work for someone else who is going through something different. The important thing to remember is simple. Find the things that you know are going to cheer you up and make you happy, make a list of them and then when you’re feeling down or having some depression after weed Withdraw when you first quit pot, then pick one, or five of the things and do them!

  1. Realize that every second you’re free from weed is a win. It may not seem like it now, but if you’re feeling the effects of depression from detoxing from marijuana, then just remember that you’re not getting high and before you know it you will be back to your normal self. Just with a lot more money in your pocket from not buying weed, a clear mind that’s not foggy from being constantly high and with a better more positive outlook on life.
  2. Get outside. Even if you’re not Bear Grylls getting outside, going for a walk, sitting on a park bench and just experiencing nature will cheer you up.
  3. Listen to your favorite happy music. Make a playlist of songs that always make you feel better and keep it handy. When you are feeling some depression after weed withdraws then jam out to your favorite tunes and this will definitely get you feeling better.
  4. Go exercise. Have you seriously ever felt bad after working out? No probably not. You don’t have to go kill yourself in the gym but exercising will help burn off some stress, improve your hormones by giving you a nice dose of dopamine and serotonin that will definitely get you in a better mood.
  5. Talk with a close friend. Talking through how you’re feeling with a close friend who knows you and will give you honest and good advice is a great way to help get your feelings off your chest and get you feeling better.
  6. Write about it. If you would rather not share your feelings with someone else, than by sitting down and just writing about how you’re feeling can do wonders for helping you process and get through your feelings. If you’re not sure what to write, don’t worry. Just sit down and start writing whatever comes to your mind about how you’re feeling. Before you know it the words will start to flow naturally.
  7. Watch funny videos. Whether it’s hilarious animal videos on YouTube, your favorite stand up comic doesn’t really matter. Just sitting down for even a few minutes and cracking up over a comedian telling jokes or the hilarious “ if Google were a person” video you won’t be able to not be in a better mood.
  8. Have sex or masturbate. Pretty sure you will agree that about everyone enjoys sex. Whether it’s masturbation, or sex with your partner, you get a whole host of feel-good chemicals after having sex that will definitely help get you in a better mood
  9. Be nice to someone for no reason. Seriously, compliment someone, give an outrageous tip to a waiter at a restaurant, go help someone with absolutely no expectations and you will be surprised at how quickly you forget your own problems and start to feel better.
  10. Hangout with friends. Call some friends, go out to dinner, watch a movie. Whatever it is, just getting around people you like will automatically get you thinking and feeling more positive and cheerful.
  11. Call the person you trust the most. Maybe it’s your mom, a trusted friend, but call that one person who is your “rock” and just talk about your feelings.
  12. Go see a Therapist. If you are really feeling down, maybe seeing some who can give you professional advice and counseling is the right thing to do. Maybe the depression after weed detox you’re experiencing is only part of a deeper issue that smoking marijuana was covering up, and by talking it through with a professional therapist you will be able to make some real emotional progress
  13. Eat your favorite food. Love pizza? Maybe some delicious Italian dish? Whether you make it at home or go eat out, your definitely going to have a hard time being in the dumps if you’re munching down on your favorite dishes.
    Change your environment. Just get out of wherever you are. If you moping around your house in your pajamas, the force yourself to get dressed and just go somewhere else. Doesn’t matter where just changing your surroundings is a great way to change your mood.
  14. Listen to someone else’s problems. Maybe what you’re going through seems tough but once you listen to someone who is going through something way worse it will help out it in perspective.
  15. Get up and dance. Seriously, doesn’t matter if you don’t cut a rug like Usher. Just put on your favorite tunes and start dancing to it. The more ridiculous you are the better, you won’t be able to still be feeling depression after weed detox if you’re doing some super silly dance moves. YMCA anyone?
  16. Get 1 small win. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter no matter how small. Floss your teeth, put five dishes in the dishwasher, do one load of laundry, clean up three things in your room. The point is to do at least one thing that makes you feel better to help get your mindset changed from being depressed after you have just quit smoking marijuana to being more positive and upbeat.
  17. Volunteer for a cause you believe in. How bad do you think you will feel if you help feed homeless people for a few hours or do something else that’s uplifting and helps others who are actually in reality, way worse off than you are.
  18. Pet and animal. Science says that just a few minutes of petting an animal and you will get a major dose of post marijuana detox withdrawal depression busting feel-good chemicals that will definitely help cheer you up.
  19. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for. Doesn’t matter how big or small, maybe it’s how amazing your coffee was the morning, the fact that it’s a sunny day, you have an amazing partner, friend, job etc. just sit down and start writing down everything that you already have in your life that’s your grateful for. You may be surprised that even in the midst of the depression after weed detox, how much you actually do have in your life that maybe you need to not take for granted.
  20. Think about awesome things from your past. Run through in your mind any amazing experiences or accomplishments that you had in the past. This will help you remember that you have probably actually done some pretty cool stuff and should definitely be proud of yourself for it!
  21. Adopt a pet. You should NOT adopt an animal just because you’re feeling a little down for a few days just because you’re detoxing the THC out of your system. A pet is a living creature and that’s a huge responsibility but having a cat or a dog that you can hang out with, pet and cuddle with, is a great way to keep you feeling happy and cheerful.
  22. Whine and complain for 5 minutes. Give yourself a free pass to moan, complain, whine and generally feel sorry for yourself, but limit it to five minutes. Make the most of the time and get it out of your system. Sometimes getting it off your chest will make you feel better but don’t let yourself wallow in it. After five minutes of hardcore complaining, go do something else on the list that will cheer you up.
  23. Forgive yourself for not being perfect. It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people or imaginary standards that we set for ourselves. Life’s a journey, and of course, you should strive to be the best you can but no one is perfect and you may need to relax and give yourself a break for not being absolutely perfect and having stumbled and made a few mistakes. Just remember, we all fall down, you just have to always get back up and keep trying.
  24. Eat some junk food. Don’t pig out but eat some chocolate, go get some ice cream or your other favorite junk food. Just try not to go overboard and end up eating a whole quart of ice cream, no matter how delicious it is.
  25. Write about how you’re feeling in the comments below. Get it off your chest, whatever you’re going through. Other people on this site, probably or are going through similar things and being able to share and relate to people who are in the same boat as you will definitely help to cheer you up.
    What are you go to ideas for cheering yourself up when you’re feeling down? Share them in the comments below so other people can use them and add them to their routines to help cheer themselves up!

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